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Right there's no potato in my japanese kucan is no they do like fatigue i've seen here but that's because we bastardize they never they they'll do like a sweet potato bidder fucking tempore but but not an authentic to there but you'll never have it in like chinese cooking you'll never have like chinese though will never be like a beef mongolian with tighter but like potato dumplings let's like italian right that's not a knock in know to tying none of the right yeah i'm trying to think golic as garlic again bhutto i read some where they said the onions the only thing that we all we've all gone gay will we all want guardians to we all everyone likes a brisket is that everywhere now i never knew of free skate on your in your that way of cooking meat what do you mean everyone like pug and if ever ops series culture has a version of not that dish put that cut of meat and the way they prepare that cut of beef is like sort of everyone has cows that's a good point very good point it was it was big news sweeper in rhode island is on the other was in hawaii that garch guard's aim in hawaii in wine talk a cold cal and the reason for that is is because like some like fucking are probably gonna butch this story brought this summer like captain cook whoever discovered the haul for one of the white settlers habito y right and they killed captain cook in the end i do that but anyway he fan of strivers well for anyone it does neither but what happened was.

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