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Get Landry Jones the believe body here like I said it's a concern when your best highlights or a player throwing a flag back at the official in guys F. bombing other guys but that was one of the highlights of the weekend you gotta admit get Landry Jones the believe Patty here I can't say I've got no idea who Charles James the second is but I do know is my favorite XFL or of all time if that's the way he handles his business I have to meet Charles James the first get Landry Jones the police out here do you want to stay in the game right but Jones did not get the bleep out here not then he stayed in and somehow managed to fumble two drives later giving him a grand slam a turnovers in the first half alone and although he didn't say it again on camera I guarantee my man was thinking get Landry Jones the bleep out here only the XFL would might guys like that so they could drop F. bombs marking the opposition it's a good thing that it allows for rewatch and yet even more amazing than the four turnovers in the first half he's affected Dallas was only trailing by one point going into the fourth quarter yeah I know I know get the bleep out here with that it's true four turnovers in the first and they were only down point going to the fourth then they lost Jones to a knee injury on a quarterback sneak and I gotta be honest clowning aside I actually hate after that guy I mean I really do having a bad day is one thing it's gonna happen all the time on every level you can grow from it maybe laugh at it but having that bad of a day including injury is so much worse and things are so cool and so fun then and it's reminder even though that's a league which in Marikina names engineer at football there are real players who can suffer real injuries in games that really do not matter except James Kelly and that sucks there was a real player suffering real injuries in games that really don't matter so again I still can't give you my final judgment on that leak it's not a big enough viewing sample but seeing Jones throw a ton of picks didn't make me love that leak and then seeing him get injured maybe like even less however Charles James the second is definitely my dude now whoever the hell yes.

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