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People have no idea who is who whether a house really was a stop there are some places that are most decidedly um parts of the underground railroad that are still around day like the dobbin horse tavern and gettysburg pennsylvania has moved book case that people used to hide in it was a house at the time um but because of the secrecy and because of the success of it of it um we we have no idea who is a part of it who wasn't and that's pretty neat i think but there's the national park service is really spent a lot of time and effort and money so far on figuring out you know where the underground railroad ran in who is a part of him wailings wearing to preserve the buildings and there's a there's actually a bike um trail yeah that you can ryan i think twenty two hundred rounds or something like that a long established identified i'm underground railroad routes yeah pretty cool in a just wanted to point out when he said the our chequered his sri america's chequered history i still feel england stank on this oh you that was early enough to wear it wasn't like keno rednecks from the south this these are still like english fox doing in the stuff so i blame england now you blame england i'm trying to figure out when my my line is drawn and when i'm saying this was america's even after the revolutionary words still just people from england living here the okay so england your fault i take their england and it's came into the big hero to you in the year of course man you know that still uh a territory of the english crown at really nina hugh on that one pal i don't know what thing um so wait we before we go we after mentioned john brown we talked about how like a lot of people were like here's some money will be a stockholder in the undergone railroad and impress my friends john brown walk the walk he lived in like free black colonies he um if he didn't do it himself he oversaw the.

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