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Doctors. Yeah yeah dr pedram show was on the show just a couple of weeks ago. He was so incredibly outstanding one of the best speakers. I've had on the show incredible. Yeah he's he's amazing and he's a just an incredible human being he's been involved in another event that we are involved in which is mindshare And he is you know they say. The rising tide raises all ships. And he's part of that and really is an incredible person in really helping. Lift everyone else. And you ask see from these speakers that this is not just a diet and exercise Invent this covers every aspect of human optimization every aspect. it's definitely well. we're gonna no no you go ahead. I was just going to name a couple more speakers and everything that are really really incredible speakers Read davis Dot he's been read. Davis has been a speaker for us for years. Dr dan stickler dr micra hamilton nick owner. We're really excited to have him. And dr david for sally. l. Russ and dr trevor cates. Which don't let that name. She's absolutely gorgeous driver. Her name is is trevor. Funny well i kind of have a boy named to people growing up called me bernie. So but you know. I can't wait to hear more about the seven pillars of health. But i wanna ask you this before we go to break here in just a minute or two. Covert has affected so many people in so many ways. Keith michell so what was it like for you. Learning of the outbreak and the quarantine around the same time of your yearly event Well it was quite a shock because we were actually in utah the weekend that they cancelled south by south by by south west And then the following day when we were getting ready to fly back from utah back to us and we I got an email from the city of austin and they had sent us Our request to comply with their strategic risk mitigation plan and basically it was if we were over twenty five hundred attendees which we are where we were over eighty five hundred at the last live event and so we were expecting ten thousand this year and They said if we could not comply with the strategic risk we need we allow us to move forward so we got rescheduled and Because there was an absolutely no way for us to comply. They said that we had to agree. Twenty five hundred people would not be in close proximity to each other at any given point in that twenty. Five hundred people would not be in any one location on the site at any one given point which we can't have you know. There's no way we could control that either so Anyway so it's been an interesting ride. I do know this though. The one thing that cove it has done that as an an incredible opportunity for all of us is for everyone to really recognize how important your health and the thing is is what makes you vulnerable to a virus is co morbidity the things that are are completely changeable by lifestyle and so that is the one thing that i can honestly say you will get access we will tell you all the information and then you decide what works for you and you discard the rest but we will give you an outline of the perfect way to get your e the hell new and mental and emotional wellbeing is part of that as well it is just as important as physical wellbeing if not more so important absolutely absolutely last night you talked about freedom a last night i just happen to have read this quote on social media was on an informed mothers but anyway this is what this is quoted as opposed to actually but i found it so interesting and i immediately thought about you michelle because we're very like minded on this and keith as well about freedom our freedoms to take care of our bodies the way we choose not the way the government chooses and and i think it's important freedom that we need to hold onto liberty but the quote or the post said this you know why they don't spray kids with ddt anymore because someone questioned the quota settled science and i think that that's kind of what paleo f x is to me that we're always keeping our mind open right and finding and better ways to improve our health. Our wellbeing both spiritually mentally physically and emotionally. As you said keith. What do you think about that. Absolutely true never never never seed. You're right to question or be shamed into nut questioning young. We're seeing that at a huge scale right now with all the censorship that you're seeing across social media and everything and so yeah it is absolutely you know our that faxes challenge already defy dogma demand different and we will always do that because at the end of the day it is in not only in our best interests but it is absolutely the most patriotic thing that you can do is to question authority absolutely. I couldn't. i couldn't agree more great time to go to break. We've got more coming up with keith and michelle norris. They are the founders of paleo f x one of the largest paleo platforms in the world. You can find them at paleo. F x dot com stay tuned. We'll be right back..

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