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Be irate and he signed a big contract he's got a he's got to be dragon to be added here and he would be a perfect fit here in Philly J. St but again use contract probably couldn't make that trade is going to make that money work because they're not going to take back our Horford in let's say Tobias Harris they be dumb to take that back unless they're trying to tank then you take it back but yeah that is incredible and you know would cope with today being Kobe Kobe day to twenty four first player to do that since seven because we got some dubs while doing it Jesus Bradley that sucks again listen we gonna get it Sir Hans Max good because I want to hear my man talk story the the it's about NFL combine the size of your hands apparently a couple quarterbacks don't check out in that in that hit my man tucked in the heart I understand your breast pain you understand your world space so we're gonna get to that also give me a player you would like to see a different error in any sport what do you like to see old school player play in today's game war somebody from today's game playing old school games just see how that would work give me that and let me know what it is also tweet me Sean bell live if you tweet on air and if you got a it's it's is that question for me I read it on air hit us up eight eight eight seven two nine nine four nine four sportsradio ninety four twenty twenty sports all NBA career high.

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