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Yeah row really longer than that. But i'm just thinking about. I think the last time i saw jet li anything was what two thousand four Around there i know that's when he was like really big that one he's coming to feed it but then he had the whole health problems. Yeah so I'm giving them at least twenty years. But you know the last since we've been born pretty much. jackie chan. So yeah that's my three year five but five. My five is very similar. Starting with a great new set of jackie chan. Just i mean what more needs to be said about jackie chan. He's just he's amazing. There's no better martial arts actor in my opinion can do sanger. Don't forget singer finger. Yes just the fact that. You'll jackie chan kin flatow act like he just isn't a martial arts performer. You what mostly. He's known for like he does have movies where he doesn't do martial arts and they're good Jackie chan is a great talent And he does sing and apparently he's a strict pair because he's not leaving his money to his son So jackie chan. Also donnie yen. Donnie yen is easiest. One of my favorite martial arts actors and ease secret. He's also a force adept person and he's just amazing. His he's got to stat insane. Hand speed that. I marvel at and four hollywood actress. He is like legit like other martial arts actors. They will tell you all the time. They really can't fight but they talk about dining in there like you know this guy he knows. Bj jj he's you know this guy can actually throw it out so big pig cups to danica mush respect for him another one. Also within the the martial arts world Shell i a huge michelle yeoh fan. She can also just act outside of just a martial arts movies palm you know. She did a movie with donnie in very very young michelle. Very i'm donny. Ended the movie wing chun and movie as a good movie and she's known as a bongo from Tomorrow never dies. She was in Memoirs of geisha so no martial arts and that one just great acting and also most very recently. She was in star trek discovery and did a wonderful wonderful job during two seasons discovery. So i'm huge fan. Michelle yeoh another one. Who a very big name. I don't think anybody needs a explanation on him. Is the rock and wrestler actor. No more the people's people's champion and who knows he may become the people's president in twenty twenty four people's president coming twenty twenty four. Do you smell what the president is cooking. I love it here for it. Here for dwayne run so the rock number four Again not inbreeding. Particular and last on my list also comes from the expanse and she plays the martian. Martian gunnery sergeant and that is a frankie addams. Yes they were. Yeah she's awesome as you're familiar with frankie She is a new zealand. Simone actress who has a lot of talent very commanding presence and hers. You know the role she plays in the expanse is just fantastic. I have only seen like one other thing drawn a blank on. What on what it was. I saw him something else. Recently but primarily her work in the expanses is what i based off of and even though it sounds like. She's only really one thing. She wasn't my number one. I have to give him an honorable mention to jiangxi If you don't know her by that name you may know her. Best as the forget the characters name which is unlike me but She was in rush hour two. She was ricky tan's right. Hand Chris tucker was flirting with while he was fighting She is mostly known for her role. In crouching tiger hidden dragon as young younger who stole the Green destiny sore So i'm john. Gee i've watched her and other non martial arts saying she's a very talented woman she's also in that cloverfield movie where the spaceship in going through time and all that i was a bad move the parallels cloverdale yet yes. She was in that once. She was the chinese Scientists terrible movie. It was down cloverfield it with not her fault. Terrible but terrible movie zhongjie. He's excellent actress And she's got to be my mom. She was my first thought but she hasn't been seen here on quite a while. So i was trying to go with active people. So that's why. I want my frankie over over asia but an honorable mention like it dig it so some of ours overlap which makes sense because we both have martial arts films. It was tough for me to leave jelly off to like that. It was tough. It's just like i couldn't leave him off his like. I'd say phone from twelve until i graduated high school like he was in everything. Marshall was like anything martial arts. A jet was even Lethal weapon for that was for him in the weapon. Four yeah and He had Black mask black mask. Romeo must die the grave. Gray davis is popular everywhere and then he's like the head he didn't. They did hero. Yep how they did Fearless yeah he did a lot so it was hard for me not leave him off. It's like so much martial arts movies at that time just.

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