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WTVN, Columbus this news, traffic and weather station. Welcome back to the Mark blazer show and Dmitry Stanley in the studio with me. Thanks again to Eddie, George. You check in with us a couple of minutes ago, giving us his take on urban Meyer in urban stepping down as head coach. Let's get to Brett Brett thank you for waiting. You're on six ten WTVN. What's up, brother? You there Bret and Bret is not there, Scott. Thank you for waiting. What's up, man? Oh, yeah. I'm first of all Mr. Stanley. I did just throw. Let's me you when I grow up watching you. So appreciate that. Thank you, sir. Now this all started back when he got suspended. I think he butted heads with the powers that be. Over the whole Jack thing and there is tension between them. With the loss to Purdue. If we really made the playoffs different picture too. But I think he bowed out now because he knew win or lose after the Washington he was gone. Interesting. All right. Thanks, guys. Appreciate that more with Dmitry Stanley in the studio and your reaction h WTVN one eight hundred six WTVN urban Meyer, leaving stepping down as head coach. And we're getting your reaction we've been doing all afternoon long, and we will continue right after we check traffic.

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