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One leaders in evanston skokie had been feuding over water rates for more than a year now skokie is filed suit in federal court that could be the first of its kind in the suit skokie argues at the rate imposed since october by evanston is not just unneighborly they'll let you turney michael large argues that it's discriminatory and violates the fifth and fourteenth amendments to the us constitution cries out to say it doesn't make sense and it's time to create a uniform approach to water rates for all municipalities anywhere in this in this state lord says rates charged skokie triple at the same time new community signing up for evanston water received a low ball rates he says evanston has budget problems that should not be the concern of skokie russets evanston city officials declined comment bob roberts newsradio one one zero five point nine fm the father chicago teenager quintana you'll agree took the witness stand in his wrongful death suit against the city and cartridge the testimony of the police officer who killed his son that you'd be under reports antonio degree or disputed robert we almost statement that he told the officer quoting now you did what you have to do after the two thousand fifteen shooting a businessman from iran accused of trying to smuggle missile technology from several aerospace firms in illinois fiftysixyearold saieed valid biaggi is considered a fugitive by us authorities prosecutors say that in two thousand eleven he tried to export aluminum tubing from aerospace companies in illinois to iran materials are restricted under nuclear nonproliferation rules the charges include wire fraud that attempting to violate the international emergency economic powers act one fraud count carries a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison rob heart newsradio on one zero five point nine fm the newswatch continues sponsored by kars for kids how.

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