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In Cleveland well first they need a school year delta yeah first they need a school year yeah and that's what's gonna happen there yeah I did read the number people applying for financial aid for college is dropped off so they think a fair number of people like incoming freshmen types might just be put off the idea of going to college right away and that's a big discussion now is what happens if some schools do all online or partial online do you have sports I don't know that they can I can't I just don't know how you can social distance in yeah college football and bring them in when the yeah I just gonna be tough to do I didn't read that didn't see the the reason be it by her that doctor fell to yesterday yes said you couldn't if you handle it properly you could play football no I don't see how a bunch of people in a pile a pile of people on the ground resulting in it's a tackle of sorts how that equates the social distancing I don't know but I do think you'll see people the country gone why do we have to so should be socially distant of that pile of man on the ground is okay is that social about somebody did point out is that this will happen to that everybody will now all football players will have that mask insider helmet yeah you know it it'll it'll look goofy but you see some of them now but everybody have won this season you can get that is that what else that's doubly tonight at six oh five the guest will be Reds catcher Curt Casali we'll have a Korean baseball update soon yeah our team they play at five thirty they played a key again yesterday the lost two to one so we'll get an update with our guy Jared Hoying in right field I'll be standing by all right that is sports with negative it's five.

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