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Get a. Two for today in the. Afternoon you get rigid night, low and behold because in. The nation's capital it was raining, something more than politics last night it was raining real, rain so today in the opener Anthony Fati against GIO Gonzalez and. Then in the nightcap, tonight Matt Harvey, up, against Jeremy And I'm shocked I. Don't know if you're shocked. Shocks, not a that's a big word I'm. Surprised not shocked because very. Few things in life shock me anymore but I am shocked to the. Degree of surprise that Matt Harvey is still with the Cincinnati Reds, this is disturbing on a number of. Fronts and. It's so disturbing that I. Think right now we need, a pop open one of. These and talk about excuse me, while I sipped this up This continues a trend from last year When they didn't couldn't wouldn't trade, zachos art and he walked on them walked into free agency. And the reds got absolutely no compensation Well they may get a compensatory draft pick down, the road I mean let's face it they got nothing for him now, Harvey is a far less talented player than coz art is and, there are a lot of other things going on with Matt Harvey not the least of which was, his sample size here in Cincinnati wasn't all that great and what he did over the course of two years. Prior to coming here both from a physical standpoint in that he hurt himself and from an aesthetic standpoint where he, hurt his reputation. So, what a half months in Cincinnati wasn't going to undo what two years prior did we all thought it would but it didn't now I don't know if, the reds were offered anything from any team for this dude I have to believe somebody out there, was interested in him and was offering something and maybe the reds feel that if they carry him, into the aug trade period which we're in right now that he would clear waivers and they could treat trade. Him somewhere else but this notion that they should hang onto Harvey and try and sign Harvey and bring him back, and he'll give. Them, a better rate than going on the free agent market they already have Matt Harvey Ramada castio desk Fonte. Malley they're all Matt Harvey They're. Just, not. As expensive but they're all mad harmony he, Matt Harvey is a guy throws on the average. At least since he's been here about five innings and when he goes through the other guys. Order for the third time he gets into trouble he. Throws a lotta pictures to get through. Five innings they already have that here in Cincinnati they don't need to go out and try and sign Matt Harvey to some eight. Or ten, or twelve million dollar, a year deal and, frankly his agent Scott Boras who is the ultimate shark isn't going to allow that this dudes going on the. Free agent market at the end of this year so let's forget all this. Nonsense, it will. They be able, to hold onto no they're not and so again even, though you're. Probably getting a bucket of bolts back get something there might be a surprise as the little girl. Said as she went through the pile of. Manure I know, there's a pony in here somewhere same thing here even if you don't get. Something that knocks you off your feet right away there could be a. Surprise Is in their. Joshi and was, on my show last Sunday he writes for Sports Illustrated he's one of their. Baseball guys has his own As his own newsletter and we got into this whole thing. About Harvey and, Jeannette and why the. Reds have got to get out of the muck when, it, comes to pushing forward with this franchise so I welcome welcome into the show I. Was Sunday last week when. We said good morning Joe thanks for joining us How you doing you said at the beginning of this season in March. You said you didn't think the reds? Would be a contending team you thought they'd finished with roughly the same amount of wins they had the last couple of years but they would be a fun team to watch. They had a, lot of interesting pieces. And I think that would probably be where they are, right. Now what about you It's definitely one of the more watchable. Than baseball Billy.

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