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And Ben I understand your philosophy is to sort of void this group right not going to be. If. There was anyone here for Carson Gordon Gurley Bill Conner. Anyone that you think could be really good this year. Yeah. I mean it's always going to be receptions and touchdowns in a little bit offense related I think really situation is the best and that is able to stay healthy. If his knee is not an issue, he has the best chance of this group to have a big season. You know they rooted devante Freeman at a time to a little bit probably better of a pass catching back then girly which kind of a little bit weird to say. As overall. But Gurley was among there was an article today at five thirty on in separate separation desperate. He was among the worst in the league and you just kind of went out into the flat for the last couple years as a pass catcher were doing a lot much better earlier and scream. But I think if he gets some of that, back gets a little bit of a a spark back and step in. He's doing some of the things that framed done the pass game and is able to convert in in close which he's always done with rain teams devilish touchdowns last year that's the one here. That's the offense that I would target out of all these veteran backs. Competition is not great behind them. I think he did really hold onto a big role, but you can take the big points and what you just said about girly and apply directly to James Connor and say that if he stays healthy, he's in a great spot to his offensive line is great his offense as good. They're gonNA give him the rock a bunch, and he's got a shot at catching over fifty passes. He's done it before he was on pace to do it again last year and he was on pace score fourteen touchdowns last year. That's how many girly scored I believe. I look at connor as a slightly less risky version of girly mainly because his knees I think are healthier than girls, knees and I think the steelers have no choice that kind of painted themselves into quarter as much as you and I love Anthony Mcfarland Ben I, think the steelers paying themselves into quarter. There's okay. Look James Connor is going to be our guy. Well, I think Benny. Smells in the next to the I would agree with the what degree to what degree is Benny Smell going to be I agree with what you said this comparison completely except for the point about girly not having a ton of backup competition. I think conor BITs means Samuels snout McFarland has a lot more competition. Samuels team. And we as far as. Running, backs, and in competition, I think really might have more. I. Just don't know if they're necessarily good competition. Is the best name, but they always ask. Heath is brought this up I'll speak for heath since he dropped out, they always split carries in Atlanta. devante. Has Been like a fourteen carry per game guy something like that I remember my head recently. And by the way, just to bring up Melvin Gordon's name. I think Melvin Gordon's got a pretty good chance at fifty catches. You guys right because he's going to be on there for pass. protection. He scored eight or more touchdowns. Three straight years. He's just good at finding the end zone. So He's interesting to me. Sucky your offensive line forum but if you don't yeah, it's always been. Could be trouble for guy that's struggled to maintain a good rushing average..

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