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Say that only because when we get to the twenty first of December Chris Moore here by the way then we start get longer days again twenty seconds longer than the twenty first at center center right on through so that's the light at the end of the tunnel that we were talking about earlier our to the show a manual bird Bari on the other side along with P. Hoffman we will talk to Andrew Brandt later this hour M. M. Q. B. columnist business of sports podcast as well talk to him about the NFL we'll take your phone calls as always at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six talk about some of the games this weekend jets giants at cetera I don't think the Josh Smith deal will be a big deal overall story breaking this past hour that he is going to be suspended for years a cornerback from the cardinals because he bet on football and is a member of the football team even though is on injured reserve and I think the Lee just trying to send a message there and remind everybody that we're not kidding and that the penalties are not going to be minor they're going to be severe and that is always the difficult part when we talk about discipline in any of these situations that we discuss cheating any kind of spousal abuse or child abuse or any kind of abuse alcohol abuse drug abuse of how long is the proper amount right in in careers that are limited by H. so always controversial I guess it always will be let's get back to the phones Adam in Manhattan is up next on the fan hi Adam Hey Chris how are you good good way for me I'm looking at the at the actors and hope she can scandal really just curious what your take is I I fall in the pretty your harshest penalty possible care should be I mean everything that I've seen on my own I in the video that I just watched online he kind of proven and I understand that they're kind of those products the running to the investigation but I mean the way I see it the bell rings let's be taken away and from the manager at you know he to the GM being banned forever and then I don't know what what the correct you should be pretty players but I think it should be pretty pretty drastic Kerry found a way to come out here well I think that there are interest Adam and yours are two different things we talked about this in the first hour a little bit that fairness is not really way up the list of things that are important to leaks or the NC double a for that matter they're in the business of business and business is means that the more people are talking about the games and the on field on court on ice stuff the better the more they're talking about the extra curricular stuff the worse and my point is saying that is that they want this to go away fast so the best way to make it go away fast is the not penalize players and use the excuse that well we're just not sure of the which players had as much exposure to the cheating which ones were active which ones were passive we just don't we can't paint with a broad brush here so I am what I expected to be regardless of what I think it should be because let's face it what we think it should be isn't relevant you know they don't care what we think so what do I expected to be are expected to be healthy finds draft picks and then the question becomes do they take him for half a year they banned the GM four year did they what are they decide to do from a day to day the proposition that the family will notice throughout twenty twenty while he's watching the game here she is watching the game that's the fascinating part to me I just think that they'd rather have this thing go away as quickly as possible but as we just saw with the Josh Shaw thing and it's.

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