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Usually these equations boil down to representations of the change in a prey population versus the change in a predator population we saw something similar when we did that episode on zombie math last year which may have been one of our october episodes i can't remember but without getting too far into the weeds on the math each equation essentially uses the following form birth function minus death function now in the aisle royale example model looks like this in the absence of predators the pray should increase at a rate that is proportional to the current wanted t of the pray basically what this means is the more moose there are around to meet with each other without being hunted the more cavs are going to be borne but in the absence of pray the predators should die off at a rate that is proportional to the current predator population so if there are more wolves and they leedle the mousse and there's no more moves to eat the wolves are going to start to starve so lucca argued that prey should decrease in predators should increase at rates that are proportional to the product of the pray times the predators or alternatively the meuse deaths should be related to the interaction of the wolves in the meuse as should the wolf births so since then they will need plenty of moves for food to have healthy pops right either way there's this relationship between the predator population in the pray population too many pray results in more predators than swamped the pray which then subsequently causes a decrease in their population this would lead to the predators dying out in the whole cycle beginning again now let's apply this to the it pennywise example okay there's far more prey than there are predators since there's only one penny wise that's going around and eating children.

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