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Here's who i'm talking to. what can i talk about. It's going to hold their attention and get them to do whatever the heck my. Why is respecting your audience. That has been a theme throughout this entire conversation. Amazing okay. are you ready for the five rapid fire questions. I'm horrible at rapid fire. But i will try okay. Question number one. What are your pet peeves. Plastic bags this is because of my days as a grocery bagger when it was i used to be paper. That's all we had those paper plastic and used to pack bags that were probably ten to fifteen pounds because paper could do it and now i go to walmart and they will double bag bread. And i'm like what are and then you get home. You can't throw them away and so you're stuck with all these plastic bags until you get them someplace that will recycle them. So i to me. I hate by just the whole grocery food thing because you have to do it. It's easy you know you. You buy them. Then you have to put them away then you take them out then you cook them then he throw them. It's just a whole thing and in the process of all that you're stepping over the plastic bags so that's That's one that i just go. Plastic bags you know. This is the side of you that i had environmentalists. Dave okay question number two. What type of learner are you. Can we do all of the above. I used to be very visual. I i love to read and then when audio books came along. I love those but i also i realize my one of my superpowers used to be. Give me a manual and some software and i'll know it in a day is one i i would read it but then when you really start messing around with software that's really where the rubber hits the road and then eventually i quit. I don't need the book. Just give me the software. I'll start clicking menus and figuring out what it does so i think a little bit of every thing but i know i now somebody said. Would you like this on kindle physical book and i'm like do you have an audio book is audio books i can put on. You know one point five feet and listen while walking around the block and so i can multitask. Now we're i can't walk around the block and and even even on kindle. I love kindle. Books 'cause i can highlight them but i don't know that i have a primary i kind of do all the above. So it's fascinating to me that podcasters don't answer this question with i'm auditory but like honestly i'm visual and here. I am podcasting. So it's interesting isn't it okay. Question number three introvert extrovert primarily introvert. But once i get to know you you can't shut me up. It's very weird question number four communication preference for personal conversations. This might be because. I'm in my fifties. I still love the phone. And it goes back to communication. Yes i can type l. o. L. but it would be much better. I can actually hear you. Laugh tone of voice so i love the phone. Packs auditory auditory. 'cause i'm thinking what am i do facetime because all my friends are old and they can't figure it out.

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