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With techcrunch care for your car all right the year was two thousand and four they were both young up and coming coaches and I'm talking about them being Matt will floor and Robert Saul of the will be coaching against each other today before the office of mastermind of green bay's attack Roberts all of the forty Niners defensive coordinator and John they work together in a couple spots but this was the first place they work together it was not the pros it was college football but can you name the school that metaphor and Robert Saul worked at I do know it I do know I do you want me yes yes yes please Antonio brown went there Joe Staley went there there's another I can't remember Central Michigan University the Chippewas fire up ships there you go I learn math yeah the mac yes very good spot every young coaching prospects that's right metal for Robert Saul coach together of citizens troll Michigan and then of course when on the coach together in the NFL with the Houston Texans in today they battle each other trying to out manoeuvre one another for for the right to go to Superbowl get that straight now in Miami all right we did quick time out up next is going to join as one of the honorary captains I read Steve young and Mike Shanahan are also gonna be honorary captains Eric Heiden one of my favorites used to do a regular weekly show on sports on six eighty phenomenal wealth of information X. niner and we'll get his thoughts on the match up next as we get you closer to the Niners and Packers a battle of thirteen and three football teams the winner goes to Miami you're listening to the sports leader we made USA insurance for members like Martin a veteran made of conviction he believes if you're going to do something you should do it right like measuring twice so when a hail storm and as far each step to him before he could even inspect the damage Martin said that's how you.

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