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New Jersey Pennsylvania New York, New York, Corona discussed on The CBS Evening News


Crash at that location Hudson River crossings at this point look good we've had to no delays on the northbound side New York State Thruway cross the Tappan Zee bridge here comes back with the forecast we're actually back into another clear spot right now but the thickest clouds and the ones that are producing showers are now just about up to the New Jersey Pennsylvania New York state border there there into the mid Hudson Valley and they will be getting here later this evening and after midnight we will get into some showers low forty six to fifty two a shower restart to Wednesday but then some breaks fifty eight to sixty two not as warm as today but not too bad in the afternoon but more showers and possibly even a thunderstorm following for Thursday and a high of fifty four to fifty eight CBS evening news is next as we follow these stories New York New Jersey and Connecticut all post their biggest one day death totals from the corona virus but the three governors point to number suggesting we could be turning a collective corner governor Murphy closes all state and county parks in New Jersey the cathedral of Saint John the divine is being converted into a field hospital good Tuesday evening Michael Wallace at six thirty at WCBS newsradio eight eighty now the CBS evening news with Norah o'donnell breaking news tonight death toll triples staggering numbers across America tonight in one week alone the number of deaths from corona virus has more than tripled New York suffers its deadliest day but there are signs of hope is the empire state beginning to flatten the Kurdish biking in the south.

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New Jersey Pennsylvania New York, New York, Corona discussed on The CBS Evening News

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