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Swing and a drive left center field. Long chase Hernandez going back. This one over his head and it is gone. He has done it again. Three home runs for Bryan Reynolds. Dave jagler on 1500 a.m. Nats lose 8 7 as Reynolds goes three for four with three homers and 6 RBI that ants leave ten on base in defeat the Orioles trail Seattle three nothing in the fourth inning. Tennis at Wimbledon second round winners include hyattsville, Maryland, Francis tiafoe men's top student Novak Djokovic and John Isner who eliminates former champion Andy Murray. He only needed four sets to do so. I thought this was the marathon guy. Women's bracket Americans, Jessica pegula, and Alison risk both advanced. Dave Preston WTO sports. Thank you, Dave. Now to the top stories we're following for you on WTO. D.C. two 95 south between eastern avenue and east capitol street may be closed at least until tomorrow. Cards drove on wet tar and got stuck, now a crew has to repave the area. Keep it here on WTO P for traffic on the apes. Music superstar R. Kelly gets 30 years in prison for using his fame to sexually abuse young fans through tears and anger several of Kelly's accusers told him in a Brooklyn courtroom that he had preyed on them and misled people who love him and his art. From the NATO summit in Madrid, President Biden announces the U.S.'s beefing up its European military presence as a deterrent to Russia. This comes as Finland and Sweden are about to become full NATO members. For more on these stories and just minutes. There's been a big drug bust of BWI Marshall, a man in a wheelchair is accused of trying to smuggle in cocaine. Gabriel Ruiz, who's 34 years old, is charged with felony narcotics importation after he flew in to BWI Marshall from the Dominican Republic. He was riding a motorized wheelchair, came up to our inspection booth and we referred him into a secondary examination. And that's when security officers realized there was something not quite right with the wheelchair cushions. We took a look inside those cushions and we found 13 bricks, bricks of cocaine. Steve sapp with U.S. customs and border protection says it was more than 30 pounds of cocaine, the street value, about a $1 million. Nikki and Ellie doubled news. Up ahead, Ian money news. Without ends the day up 82 points, the honest tea reboot has a name that's a word play. I'm Jeff claypool. WTO pen use time 5 18. Traffic

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