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We've learned a lot from our guests about big data now. It's time to get a bit personal in a segment. We like to call rapid fire. So what does the latest book that you've read that you would recommend to our listeners <hes> actually it's Daniel kind of book thinking fast and slow so I am probably probably about halfway through the book and it's a great read. It's just it's really thought provoking so agree. I'm actually I'm about a quarter of the way through it on audible and and it's it's incredible I agree. He's just hear him talk today. At this conference was just it was mind blowing to think about the the amount of thought that he's put into thinking about the way we we think like that whole noise for the last five years or thinking about noise for the last five years a lot all right so if you had to have a song play if you get to choose the song when you walk on stage for presentation at a conference like Rove. What would that song be. Oh Gosh I so I love Music Isaac. I'm fanatical about music and it's almost like asking me to pick your favorite child right. <hes> I what I can tell you is. I was listening this morning to <hes> <hes> high hopes by panic at the disco and so that's that feels like that might be a good one wrong like all right so what piece of technology is currently making your life worse worse worse. Oh Gosh it's a love hate relationship with my smart home and and Google we hear a lot of Google Google path. I did both right I bought of course all the Alexis stuff and then I bought the Google stuff and yeah we have this eighteen fiber in my home and it's constantly dropping which is causing weird issues with Google so it might not even Google stalled. It's kind of unfair to point at them but <hes> it's it's great when it works but then it just suddenly won't work and that's frustrating honestly I.. The thing I struggle with is is like if you work in tech. Everyone in your family assumes that you work in computers can fix their laptop which always done all we've done with. This connected stuff is just give ourselves more systems in our house to deal with all right. So what Netflix show are you currently binging on right now so I was. I was not watching Netflix. I just I finished orphan black which I've never seen before and it it was amazing. The lead actress plays all of these roles and there's such depth it's just amazing and I really enjoyed that and that's actually on Amazon but from net flicks the when I was watching right before that was unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is why I saw so many little curve all going off script here. What is your favorite original. Netflix show of all time favorite original aw Gosh I that is you know the truth is that I don't watch a lot of television so I watch <hes> I do watch something. I'll pick comedy like unbreakable commitment or I'll do the net flakes stand up comedy specials and so I loved Alley Wong's long's she had two specials and it was I was just laughing hysterically the entire time also lastly. Where's the next interesting I can place that you're going to visit. I am going to be visiting Zurich next week. Yeah so it's Yeah I've I've been to AH TO NETZER GENEVA. I'm sorry Geneva Geneva thank you. I've been to Geneva but not Zurich and so that's going to be fun. I'm excited beautiful place. I was there just in the last year. You'RE GONNA eat lots of chicken cordon BLEU. That's their food of choice Sir. I don't know why and lots of Rick let you had the it's like we're the take a block of cheese and they just melt the top of it like under burner and they scrape it off on top of like potatoes and bread below your mind that. Oh so good all right well desert. Let's do it instead. We're in New York City. Thank you so much Michelle for joining US tonight. You're exciting work and Netflix and the stuff that you've got coming next. We'll make sure to follow you much. Thanks for listening to the big data beard podcast. The music from in this episode is by Andrew Bell. Check him out on itunes or spotify..

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