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Thank you thanks ryan. Everybody's good what do you wanna talk about eight so Packers and jets are acting. This week You think roger's gonna talk to zach wilson a both his swag break question. We appreciate that. I saw the photos of zack and erin talking before the practice. In if you do recall zach. Wilson gave a quote about swag and called out aaron rodgers directly. Who i believe he has always been a fan of. He has been on the record. I guess as saying that kind of took a shot at aaron though for being a boring dresser kind of not being very flashy so that led to us asking aaron rodgers his thoughts on that and giving an entire super deep quote about you owning your inner essence. That's what true swag is. So aaron obviously knows of zach zach knows of erin. I don't think there's any real beef in there because errands viewpoint on swag in what zach said would never really offend him. But i can't wait just to hear the stories out zack. And errands conversation. The jets what they're saying. This is going to be air verse another team for the first time since you know. All the shit's has gone down all. I've seen him do his drop balls in the buckets. I'm assuming he's going to the same. Damn thing against bob solid defense but these joint practices fascinating i still. Aj don't understand how they don't end in a brawl every single time like the rams and cowboys did with aaron donald trump's last. You would think that it would end in there'd be a ton of teams do a good job of shutting stuff down right away because you say it all the time we know. If i'd done just happened one. Play all of a sudden. The guy gets mad. If there's a build up play after play where you can feel it coming so they shut it down. But i think also the joint practices some of those periods are going to be much more intensive preseason game these starters are gonna play in so they do they do a two minute ones on ones. That's where you watch and see where your teams that offensively and defensively because that's being treated like a game. Basically between those two teams and i heard the upside is obviously. It's like three preseason games at a row basically because teams a chance to evaluate to full rosters of ninety players to see who they really want. You're able to do that whole thing. But now every single rep and every single both teams period that is a preseason drill that is a preseason rep that is a game rep and that is potentially for one roster spot on both teams so it is very fascinating the amount of intensity that could be brought in yet again to what we were both speaking of and the players were quoted last night while mike while watching the hard knocks. I don't know how they don't all brawl. It's i honestly with all the jobs on the line. The different jersey for the first time. Everything like that. I don't know how it doesn't become an alpha alpha alpha moment. But i guess really do it. Well the patriots love it. It seems like bill. Belichick is all the way in on joint practices. They have won this week with the eagles. Next week with the giants. He probably likes because he gets a chance to see all the players he gets to see where they match up what they can do especially with mack jones not just their team potentially knows the plays other teams as well in how the nfl's didn't affair for that rookie quarterback he always done that. Connor has always a joint practice. Guy i don't know if he's done multiple in the same preseason but i know for the past few years they have been in also to your point. You also wonder if that The other coaches want to do it with bill. It's i'm not sure if you heard what serianni said getting the chance to coach alongside bill. Bell was very happy and appreciative of him. Being the greatest coach of all time tied on. If you saw it or yeah. I mean that's basically what he said. Verbatim was like listen. I read not not reboot. Wa- wash documentaries. These been great football coaches and great teachers and great orators. I listen bill bocek. He's the best he's the best. He's the best. I've said this. Yes this is really what he said. Towered tied guys. you know. Put some faster. So when he delivers it. But these are all real quotes. Serianni wasn't in the cdc hiring process. Just like just like. I said like a week ago if we're paying more attention to serianni as opposed to just mc serianni character. Oh yeah serianni is a deep thinker. He's going to be either think about it. He's the kind of guy that if he's able to win he's going to become like a cult hero where his like unique ways that he is people are going to all of sudden. We'll see many serianni start coming up. I'm gonna say this. Whenever i watch serianni speak both as tie and as i like him more the way i would want to be friends with this guy you know like he literally came out and said you know the documentary. That's what he said. I also liked watching documentaries. I like learning why people are great. Great so great. And it's like if you get a chance to coach on the same field. Is bill ballot gently in your first year. Being head coach. You might as well. I appreciate everything serianni saying but if it wasn't for 'em cdc serianni. I think would be the headline guy like deep thinking head coach moving forward. Hopefully they both have some success. All right that's the show. We appreciate the hell out of you guys listening pig show tomorrow big show tomorrow. Hashtag pod squad. You guys are the best cheers.

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