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Life saved under project fortyfour that was the impetus for doing the story it is it is an amazing one it's incredible one and i highly recommend if you haven't ready yet please do please share it and this is a been pretty cool to see so many people being spire to to sign up and than others who already have i mean i had people reaching out saying i lost my brother to acute myeloid leukemia which is what deegan scott beat other saying you know i've got a son who had it and he's he's beaten it cj more over at the field house in coordination with the athletic has a story up right now about mellick newman befriending a boy seven years old who uh who be acute myeloid leukemia it's a really great story a highly recommend you go check that out as well so that's a that's a long when the way of explaining some of the background with the story my thanks to brad stevens i'll be honest with you i don't think there's another nba coach out there that would have done what he did in regard to helping out with the story agreeing to sit down on camera and in talk extensively about everything in regard to this particularly because the celtics are will have of quite the interesting season and for a little bit of more context he did this interview literally the day before isaiah thomas was going to make his return he didn't end up playing in that game but it was in the context of giving the interview there was a lot going on with the celtics at that point so brad was just terrific with all of that and then cement the first and foremost she is a she's awesome she's an awesome person are really courageous what she she does to get the continued get the word out there in a lot of people behind the scenes michael called mark chrissy eddington on if in affiliation with butler they were they were great and then obviously our bosses were just awesome to uh to do this not just the story but the video component like the plan is to have this air on cbs sports network in february and potentially even have it aaron cbs uh for the incidentally tournament if uh if the.

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