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I'm Jim barge along with Elliot's short parks. And. I don't know. There's a I feel like every time you open your mouth people. Just don't like what's coming out of it. Let's say that too. Yeah. Yeah. And your dog. Oh, you're still having trouble. Blake with the big time. Trouble with the dog. I I the puppy. I should say three months. Congratulations. Thanks, and it's the baby. And then the right? And then you don't have to necessarily do those in order to teach my dog how to not go into house before I worry about this dog tips. Rarely parks will take those two would love dog tips. I cannot figure out how to get him to stop going in the house, really. Moshe that is. Well, I mean, that's just you gotta tell them. No. And then she'll Englishman me to say. No. And then you've gotta take him outside after that happens. The frustrating thing is he'll never speak English. So I'll never be able to explain to them. What to do? It's just literally yelling at them. Well, we we certainly know what to do when it comes to. Well, I guess we don't with Carson with this team. I I really don't know what we're expecting next year. And you seem to think that the it's trending down for Carson. Specifically, do you think it's trending down for the team as a whole do you think it's going to be? I think I would say it's trending down as a whole because I think it's really tough to kind of reopened this window again. But I don't think it's trending down for car. So I would make argument that the window is closed, but a new window opens next year with Carson is your quarterback. When you look at this team of the last two years thing is a strong argument you made that Nick foles was the quarterback of this team. Yes Carson played. But Nick foles quarterback and won the biggest games as team played in. And when you think about the two thousand seventeen in two thousand eighteen season, you will think about Nick foles what he meant to this team. So in two thousand nineteen with assuming foles is off the roster. And it seems like that is what's gonna happen, right? This is going to be Carson's team for really the first time since. Midway through two thousand seventeen. Right. So I think the window is reopening in a way. But also say this I think you can make it argument with the roster. It's trending down with Doug Peterson as the head coach. I don't think this is a team that will ever bought them out. I think that's a good enough head coach you can almost lock in nine wins. Eight eight or nine wins each year with a playoff run. So I think that's one reason to be optimistic but the players on the roster. I mean, look Jason Peters that you're left tackle that's a huge position of need for the eagles the defensive line. Hello d- nod is probably going to be gone TIMMY, Jernigan maybe Chris long said yesterday with. Keep going which is great news for this eagles team. But they're going to need them to because I don't think Brandon Graham will be back desperately need, they they need Brandon Graham back to but even them I mean, even grams thirty one so it's just really hard to look at this roster in find young players that you can say, okay, that's a stud for the next five years. Right. I mean, Dallas gutter, but he's a backup tight end of antibiotics. Yes. I do think he's going to be a stud. You mentioned still Douglas. I think he has a bright future. But overall, there's just not a lot of players on the roster. When you looked at again, the Pro Bowl compared to the Cowboys that they have on this team. Yeah. But you keep bringing up the Cowboys because they wanted a vision there their end a beat eagles twice season. Stop the same time eagles. Did they want less games during the regular season with way, more injuries with way, more of a ragtag bunch like that's that says a lot, you know? I understand that the second year in a row that they've been back to the playoffs. I understand why you want to diminish the Cowboys like I get it. But at the same time, I think people need to open their eyes to the fact that the Cowboys have a very told they were trending up when they lost the Green Bay. When Dak Prescott went in there. The eagles will know my God the the difference between this is night and day in a took one year. And then what happened the next year? They won the right things change quickly in the NFL. Obviously, we none of us. None of us have any idea. Besides James seltzer. What's going to happen next year? Right. None of us know. Yeah. So what I'm saying is you can only look at what we see in front of us. And there's no denying that. The Cowboys have a brighter future right now than the God. That's. The real tagline. There. Forget Carson Wentz. You actually think the Cowboys eagles right now. Peterson is the only reason and kind of Carson. Kind of Carson. Okay. Awesome. Well, this is going to go great. Let's go to Rick in Lancaster, Rick. What's going on, man? How are you? Can you hear me? Yeah. I got you in anyway. Thing is about if we put all Asian a basket with with the we'll winch and he covered back and he's hurt stuff. Like that. We get rid of foes where we could be done for four or five years easy. I don't think it'd be four or five years. I mean, they were drafted in a quarterback at that point or find somebody tell me, what are we going to get, you know? No. I mean, that's a good point. John says draft quarterback. All right. Go ahead. Rick. Listen, these guys, you know, like like what quarterback goes down most games the season's over, you know, I've been watching this now for the past ten years. I mean, I know it stuck to carry two quarterbacks. It's a hard thing to do. But it's almost like. It's not that bad of an idea. Man. You gotta work it out somehow. I mean, the salary caps going up. You know, I. You know, like when Rogers gets hurt their season's over up there. Yeah. That happens to happens to a lot of teams, and I get that. And Kevin Clarke from the ringer wrote an article about that a couple of weeks ago, and I think we get so spoiled by quarterback play in this league as it is right now that people get tricked into you don't need to pay the quarterback as they're easier. It's easier to find out you can get away with a lot more. You're the one that you can just draft one. Of course, I'm saying they would just draft another one at that point. What happens when you put all your? What would you say the same thing about foles at that point? And they're like, oh, man. He's really not the sixteen game guy that we anticipated. Now, we're stuck again. Here's where I agree with Rick. If there's if there is a year to keep both like this is the last year, the eagles could do it because Carson's still only going to be making eight or nine million as a salary cap it. Now, they re signed Carson deal. Then obviously, they're not going to bring full back. And I don't think they will either way. But if the eagles brought foles and Carson back this year, they would still be making right around what you're breeze mix for the saints. So this idea in the saints have a very talented roster. Why because they've drafted row with young players in before the eagles have not really done. But this idea that you can't pay like thirty three million dollars to a quarterback and be competitive is not true. The eagles just be spending it on two different gotten. But I do think and I agree with Rick like you. I would bring back full as if I were the eagles went. That's what I'm saying. Like, there's no point in doing. Well, that's no, it's not it's it's the truth. Like, there's no point in doing that. If if it really is your team. No one runs a to Cuba system. It's the only time that has really worked was here. It's not to QB system though. It's your franchise quarterback with Carson within elite backup and false. I guess, but that's what needs said fills for he's he's cheaper. And look, I think they'd say falls a bright future. He's not an elite backup at this point short. But I'm saying he doesn't cost twenty million dollars either go to regime in north Philly up. She wants to hear from you. Hey, hey, how you guys doing good, man? Got totally disagree. As far as the us roster. We have non draft picks. I always believe a Harry Roseman where he's able to do on free agency as far as maneuver money around. So I could guarantee that he will bring in players that can produce. I don't want Brandon grants because he's already thirty one years old and this draft and in free agency, you have a lot of good defensive and as far as the Cowboys. They're called would have to pay way more players than you have to pay the market Lawrence Elliott Amari Cooper quarterback. So. I'm just agree with you there all in with him. Like, they they are not selecting the first round, Elliot. I don't know how you can be taking up with when you gotta pay a wide receiver. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. One more when did the eagles after oughta injuries? The eagles had DeKalb was fairly healthy offense. And they they really didn't suffer any significant injuries. So pretty equal amount playoff games. They won in for them to beat. Now. The new giants team win of the season. Like like like the Cowboys and eagles are or neck and neck. And and if you ask me, I'm gonna take the eagles roster over the Cobb was just because you have played young player that you think it's better than I have the totally disagree because you know, you can't bring everybody bet that let me say this though, the Cowboys have a ton of cap space. Let's just start with that. They have the room to resign all these. But it's also going to be tight in three players. Yeah. But three here's the deal. Like, yes, it's going to be typing three players, but it's going to be tied up three players that just won you the division. And then one you a playoff. Cowboys. Did you can't tell me what they call? We did it equals there too. Visit. They both won one game. And it was sent home. All right, good, call regime, one of my favorite callers already in my brief time here at WIP. But let me say this everyone like you're bringing up this playoff point the Cowboys won the division. So that is a that is a big accomplishment. A lot of people are overlooking here. Just in terms of they both want to play. So did did it with quarterback. That's not going to be here next year. The Cowboys quarterback that is going to be your next. Sure. So that's so that's the only reason why they're taking up is because. That's proven that. He can win the division. Even though he was doing that in two thousand seventeen because it was a runaway. The reason the Cowboys there was taking up is because they have a very good young roster. They do players that are healthy. And they just accomplished something together as a unit. I think Carson look cars and said it himself. He's never played in a playoff game. He admitted it was a whole on his resume. This isn't me saying this Carson saying it, although I said at first. Look Carson has to get playoff experience before I can really does. But none of that says that the Dallas Cowboys are in a much better position moving forward in the Philadelphia say much better. But if I had a. It's a brighter future for the Dallas Cowboys specifically because they have four or five young pro bowlers, which don't really matter heading into it. No, no. Because they're winning. And here's the thing regime said that I disagree with. Okay. She said, you know, how we always get it done in free agency. And there is truth to that. But you don't win in the NFL with free agency you win with draft. Unless you Rams unless you're the Denver Broncos the Broncos or honestly, the Philadelphia how did the Broncos winning for the Broncos won a free agency? What was that two thousand and six? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's a bit of an extreme example. That's not extreme. It's just it's a it's a continuing trend, which I don't think is true anymore. I think you can win in free agency. And they've had to because they've man the draft. The eagles did win and free agency and a lot of ways Super Bowl. So that's exactly my point. Regardless. My point is still this the Cowboys doing better job drafting they have more young talent on the roster that they're winning within the eagles do. So when you project the future, look if you told me the eagles won the division next year. I would not be surprised. I'm not saying I would pick the Cowboys. But I do think their future is brighter right now than the eagles. Let's go to our good friend, Tom in Abington, Tom. What's up, buddy? How are you? Oh nothing much. So like, I'm forgetting something John I feel like you are too. Oh, right. Right. Right. My new favorite tweet. And I get. Guys, one is the whole false talk on a stop. And we have to wait until we lands and Jackson. March fifteenth is that when when did the doors opened again for the NFL whenever that happens. I think that's that's when we can finally stop talking..

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