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Money every month. You're not stuck with a high cost health plan. You can join that this year. Any time So call them today and check it out. Here's the number to find out more. There's no pressure. They're super easy to talk to call 877 26 Bible. That's 877 26 Bible. 877 26 Bible. On his way out. The outgoing secretary of state offers this allegation with no evidence says ABC is Derek Dennis. In a new statement. Secretary Pompeo explains why he continues to say the Wuhan China Institute of Urology may be the source of the Corona virus pandemic. Pompeo, saying he has reason to believe that several researchers inside the institute got sick and the fall of 2019 with symptoms consistent with both Cove in 19 and common seasonal illnesses. The secretary offered no data and no clarity on whether he believes there was a lab accident. Whether the virus was released on purpose. End of an era ABC is Julian McFarland, centrist candidate has been elected as leader of Germans, Christian Democrats, the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel. She steps down his chancellor in September after 16 years in office, starting and stopping and cost you more than lunch. Money, says ABC is Joey Waller, the NFL finding Ravens quarterback Marcus Peters 15 grand today for taunting during their wild card with a Tennessee after clinching pick Peter's leading a horde of teammates and stomping All Italians midfield logo when asked about his playing time and whether Los Angeles Lakers NBA star LeBron James is saving his body for the playoffs. Man I'm 36 years old 18 years in the league ain't no safe something for later on in the season, adding, I wish I was Justin Timberlake. In that movie rocket banks in time, But I cannot do that, at this point is referencing the 2011 SciFi movie in time in which a new economic system uses time as currency. This is ABC News. No more traffic every 10 minutes on the force from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Roadwork in Fife on South Bound five has a roadway reduced to two lanes near the 78th Avenue overpass. Meanwhile, Highway one of one your hood sports less traffic, alternating through a single lane that due to a mudslide and traffic, alternating on the highway, 203 in the area of still Water Hill Road due to roadwork as well, and the West Taylor Bridge closed indefinitely. Two findings of an inspection of the high right structure last year of Evan Smith, Come with 24 7 traffic Cloudy skies take us into tonight and into early tomorrow morning Baron Mine We're tracking a possibility for isolated.

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