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O'Brien Myles Kovacs guess the president and Kohl ponder dub magazine dome. Everything a does. So. The magazine's online. We have social we have toy cars. So like the hot Hot Wheels. So back in two thousand one I went to Mattel and said, hey, we want to make a miniature of Shaquille O'Neal's escalator something like that. Right. And they're like we'll never make that will never make an urban toy ever like that. And we ended up doing it with another company based on Hong Kong, and we sold twenty five million dollars. So basically, we urbanized Hot Wheels. Because I was like I never grow with car with flames on it. Five engines that's kinda weird. But I want to come through every now, and then, but I wanted to spinners I wanted speakers and things like that. So all we did was give the consumers what they want. Then in two thousand five we did a video game called midnight club. Three w we sold nine point six million video games with producer rockstar games. And it's the same thing we took what we did with the tortoise and now we animated it. We put it on the video. How did you is gonna work? I didn't. It's basically a child by fire suicide. No. I mean, it's it's one of those things where I think at the time my goal was to make car culture, socially acceptable. That was it. I wanted people have come Rams are big rims on their cars and not be considered a drug dealer pimp, or whatever it is. Well, everybody wanted love the cars. These did not get in absolute right or wants a cool factor. You know? So what we did? That was different was we got celebrities to endorse our brand and be on the cover. So it was a celebrity automotive lifestyle magazine. So it's like our first cover was the atrocity wild Shaquille O'Neal. We I mean, we've had Kobe Bryant all these top stars on the cover of magazine really gave us credibility. What what's next? What's next for us is we just actually launched? We're watching new products. So we're looking at different industries, and we just launched a new wer. It's a luxury window tint. So when you think of windows ten you think of the darker is the more he rejection and the more UV rays, the blocks. So we have a really light film that block sixty percent of UV NRA's. And so what we're working on? Now is let's seek us. Just, hey, this looks cool because you have dark windows, what if you have an I condition like we and you need to have some UV are blocking illegal. It's legal, and we have different shades that are legal the front windshield is not legal in some states. But I do it because you know, what it helps me is. And then also skin issues and things like that. Like, my wife has rose Asia. And should we put it on her car and her rose Asia cleared up? So it's it's more of less of a, hey, this is a cool thing. But this is more. Medicinal product that could stretch outside of just dub car coach world. And the reason why that product came out was there was no one really doing that correctly in the marketplace. We are here to inspire inform and connect the community entrepreneurs this Business Rockstars. I'm Pat O'Brien Myles Kovacs good guess, what was your deal with Pepsi? What happened there? So at Pepsi. We did sweepstakes within the second largest, we do right, Pepsi cO. They us through an agency in San Diego that was looking for kind of niche. You know, they're always looking for were skateboarding culture. So we happen to come up, and we did a partnership with with Pepsi, and we end up doing the second largest sweepstakes and Pepsi history are dubbed logo WGN logo was on one point six billion cans of Pepsi for two years. We gave away seventy cars and seventy days for two years. One the first year with Chevy with the Tahoe. And Jeff, Gordon and exhibit the rapper. That did up to number twenty four on all the cards. No, it was an option. A NASCAR deck. Oh, you could do different things. So that was really really significant and for us. It was like, wow, you know, all these Pepsi cans with our logo on it. I was in like Sweden, and I saw a vending machine with our graphics on and stuff like that. Yeah. I was like man I want to take that home mountain dew. Sierra mist all they all kind of fit together. Right. Yeah. I mean all the soda industries right now. We're actually partnered with monster energy, which is the number. One course energy drink in in the US, and they're attacking it nationwide. So I mean, I think I look at monster logo on your wheels. Right. We have a monster. We all monster energy wheel. And then we have our own monster energy drink as well. You really kind of driving that only the millennial but younger generation as well. Right. With ideas has got to be a gold mine at some point. Well, you know, this is already I mean, you know, there's no lack of ideas out there. There's usually lack of how and I think what the experience that. I have I'm looking for kind of those next ideas and trying to coordinate them and do different things I've done a lot of licenses and with large companies and things like that as well. Give me the numbers has a million on your website, right? Or the readership is million readerships about six point five million on the magazine website gets about five hundred thousand unique users among our social only that about three point five million dollars. I saw four point eight on this round half nine. But I mean, that's huge. Right. And you've been able to monetize that. Yeah. I mean, it's we've been blessed, you know, just so working again when you give the customers what they want. They're going to react to it. So for us, it's like creed impact, and then create a movement. So we we accidentally created a movement. People wanted me involved with this culture. So it makes it cool. What made it easy? He made it easier because they wanted to send me involved were coming to be involved. How do you find the right employees? That's a great one. I learned you just have to kind of try it out. You know, there's different people that are going to fit. And then what I've done. Also, I'd take somebody in marketing that supposedly is a great marketer. And I might make him a salesperson. I take a manager that sucks it management that supposedly is good and put them in another position in names. That's really what it is. It's like, you know, identify their strengths in most people in life. I like I tell people I don't focus on my weaknesses. I really focused on my strengths now. Because if I want to be the best in the world, I'll have to do is really focus on one strength. But if you want to be mediocre focused on all your weakness is the best thing just to be absurd. I mean, they're your east LA. Not really part of the crowd. But wanting to be absolutely observing these cars, just right? Well, you know, what it is? I looked at it. And it's kind of like what made me emotional those cars made me emotional. So it's like I want to be involved with that. Plus, it didn't hurt that the guys that have nice cars. Hot chicks. Right. So that was one of those things I said, you know, what we got a nice car. So I could have a girl, right? Learn how to drive with your hands or with. At what point will dub magazine, be relative? The magazine while you know, it's funny. I just had the discussion with my kids, you know. And they're like oh dad does for twenty years. And I said don't just wait because we're the we're the next Mamie boomers. So we're going to be driving those cars like I'm looking at like Honda civics and stuff now that I drove in high school or this or that so history will repeat itself. So Doug is going to go and do what it's doing? But in probably ten fifteen years. Everybody's gonna want to run a dub sticker because it reminds them when they were twenty. I wanna dump secret narratives, we're going to put a sticker and the window Tim in your car. I mean when when you put this new window ten burn when you're driving and get that burn. It eliminates that or takes down. Another thing too is the the feeling of their conditioning and all that stuff. Like, I was just in Arizona's one hundred eighteen degrees. I can feel it because it's like putting sunblock on on your windows and beautiful idea. Thanks for joining us. Thank you. Much sicker. I'll.

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