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We'll go back to the phones in just a couple of seconds for doctor Debbie and for dog father Joey velani. But first, from the pet food institute, we're visiting with the head of communications, Mary Emma young. I marry, how are you doing? I'm great. How are you? Very good. So what is the pet food institute? The pet food institute is the national trade association for U.S. pet food makers. So we are based in Washington D.C. and pet food and treat makers are our member companies. They make about 98% of all of the pet food and treat products for dogs and cats that you'll see on the shelf in the store. And as the trade association, we really advocate on behalf of the industry, whether that be working with our regulatory bodies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or communications outreach as I do. Who funds PFI? We are funded through our member companies. They provide the dues for us as part of our ongoing outreach and activities. When I go into the store, I look at all of the foods that are on the shelf, there are tons of food. I mean, it's hard to make a decision as to what food to select there. Is it true that most of these foods are made by like 5 or 6 manufacturers? So you will see a number of co manufacturers out there who will produce for other brands in the industry. When you say regulatory standards, what regulatory organization overlooks pet food..

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