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Michael Flynn, President Trump, Vice President discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


We're gonna have more on former trump national security advisor michael flynn and his guilty plea today what it means for the president and the vice president i will have more on that coming up in just a moment first take a look at this this is a proposed peace of the us tax code it's a page from the final version of the republican tax bill the final version an entire clause written in the margin in illegible chicken scratch if you listen closely you can hear the entire us senate holding the spill up to the light right now adjusting their reading glasses trying to figure out if that's a d r r p is this way you kids call an emotive gone republican spent all day dueling in the margins of their federal tax overhaul making last minute changes behind closed doors with no involvement from democrats are for most of their own caucus and this is what they ended up with what you're looking at here these are not this is on a draft this is parts of the bill that they're putting to a vote on the floor of the united states senate tonight a four hundred and seventy nine page bill that no one has read a bill that was written partly with a sharp e a bill that will have a major affect on the world's largest economy we have been expecting mitch mcconnell to bring this thing to a vote all evening so far that has not happened we're getting reports that republicans are still still now making last minute touchups touchups to the bill nobody knows for certain when the senate will actually vote on this or actually what they'll be voting on when they finally do so.

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Michael Flynn, President Trump, Vice President discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

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