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To go when he couldn't get anybody to go with him. He finally start going out there by himself in the in the mid eighties. And which is just unbelievably guddi undertaking, But he's such a good surfer that, you know. He pulled it off and around 1990. He finally got a couple guys to join him. The word spread and around 1992 Surfer magazine posted a cover shot, and then it was all over. You know, then then people start coming up from Santa Cruz. And you know, there's a bunch of legendary guys and Peter Mayle flamer Cleaver, Roscoe Richard Schmidt, and they're just sitting down there in Santa Cruz going. I can't believe this spot has been there all these years and we didn't know about it, You know, but That's kind of how it started. I got a really stupid question when they're not doing the competition, and there's these guys going out there like Jeff Clark in the early days. How do you get out there? Well, if it's not too terribly big, you launch from the beach, and you can paddle sort of around it around what they call mushroom rock and and you get into a a new area that Z really pretty flat. And you can you kind of sit there and figure things out. When it's really big. It starts breaking all over the place on getting out. There can be a real chore You can get just devastated by these big avalanches of white water, you know? And and really the best way to do it is to cheat a little bit and take off from the harbor in a jet ski and have somebody with whisk you out there. Yeah, yeah, which is which is pretty common these days and you know very explainable. There's nothing like weak minded about that. I mean, Plus some, you know, there's a sport of tow. Surfing is built around jet skis where you get towed into waves by a jet ski. So when it's really giant, there's a lot of that going on two. Yeah, that's pretty much certainly. That's what Laird Hamilton does now, right. Bruce doesn't he do that? He gets towed out there at this point. Well, he he pioneered that in the early nineties. Yeah, and he started towing the spot. And now he called jaws on just absolutely blowing minds because You know, I mean, people have been trying to paddle into these big waves with big tanker boards. And yeah, you could paddle into it. But then you're on your on the wave, you know, aboard. The really won't turn or get you many speed and it was impossible and all of a sudden these guys they're towing in strapped in like a windsurfer. I'm on short boards and Laird Hamilton just just killed it. It was just insane that watch him. He was so far above everybody else, but it definitely launched the toe and movement around the world. We had a lot of great stuff happened here at Mavericks. Laird never came over here. He's a Hawaiian all the way, but But he's sort of the tow surfing has become kind of passe because People are now starting to paddle into those ways because of better equipment. They're they're shorter boards, lighter boards, and they're pulling off stuff paddling in of their own power. Which, of course, is the most manly way to do it, you know, and the toe and became really pretty passe. So Laird kind of He didn't really join in the paddle and movement because he'd just he'd gone too far. You know, telling and ripping and shredding these waves, the other guys they're just trying to survive on so I'm not really sure what Laird is up to, but I'm sure it's something really progressive, and he pretty much invented the The whole stand up paddling craze, which had always been They're going all the way back to the beach Boys in Hawaii wait decades ago, But, report is sponsored um, by once Audible they got a Tis load the of layered season to treat doing yourself it to in audible Malibu, with right the audible holiday because he off. has a Forget has a the newest place there all you all can of a listen sudden Plan. every you Audible know, every plus waiter for just and 4 screenwriter 95 and a month for your first six months. and Listen without then limit whole ball to thousands was it was of audible a stand originals, up paddler, audio books and and it now got podcasts it got way out go of control. toe audible But dot Butler com. has always been at the forefront of things Silicon great Valley stuff, And it's The that next time of year level is that wintertime of business when making the is here wave comes come Up. to Pinnacle All Banks right. new office Well, at we the could Prune do that Yard all day. in Campbell Need for some your basketball business thoughts making from needs. you, Bruce of Love. We I offer know you're a gonna be unique writing combination a lot about the warriors of personalized in the NBA this service year, and with modern we just banking had Marcus technology. Thompson on And And when you partner you know the with chemical bank, the you'll the work with a obvious dedicated professional joy of banker seeing who's Steph Curry truly out there invested and in God, he Helping looks your business soap, spry growing and energetic. come to Pinnacle Bank But and the experience intrigue the of James best Wiseman in business and banking that video valley the Warriors leaked to valley almost like Learn toe more at tantalize pinnacle dot us bank the warning sort This of lack product of contains second line nicotine. scoring, maybe, and then not panicking over preseason games, but What's your download on the warriors right now. What are your realistic expectations and thoughts early on? Well, the initial reaction is Oh, my God, We've got step back. And that's that's kind of enough Just for right now, you know, I mean, just to watch him go off like he did last night is like, okay, we've We've got that element. We're really not going to know anything until we see Wiseman and Draymond out there together because the potential there Is really sensational. You know if if Wiseman adapts to the game well enough in early enough to get a lot of early minutes, you know, and you know dreamers going to be way into it. With curry and and you, Bray, You know, I'll tell you what. There's no promises on the playoffs. I think they will sneak in, but they're going to be awfully fun to watch. And that's kind of what they that's the first thing they need to do. As far as the fan base. You know, the Chase Chase Center just forever empty. You know Rick Welty, also bad for Rick. Well, so I mean, the place is just It's just a ghost town over there, you know, but they're going to start out with no fans. But you know what? When the fans start trickling back in and heaven, you know what whenever there were big place is packed. Um, you know, the local fans here have always responded to excitement. Even if it was just like, you know, Sonny Parker. You know, world free out there with Bernard King. Now you're gonna put the rainbow of a purpose. Short jumper. Exactly. Oh, and that was a sell out. Uh, you know, the Oakland Coliseum arena behind teams that we're not going anywhere, you know, And but they just dug it. You know, because they were exciting and they enjoyed the other teams, and I think they're building something here. That's going to really get the fan base excited. And, you know, think about the playoffs, you know, down the road. And you mentioned Wiseman and just you know, this idea of I don't know. Do you? You know you and I come from an era when you know the Kareem Abdul Jabbar Key Malaj Juan. Fives were coveted and prized and And now are we in a post five era, you know, and the idea but the Warriors went and grabbed the guy and I guess they're expecting him to, you know, be able to shoot. I saw footage of him shooting threes. But Bruce, There's still got to be a place somehow, some way for the 7 ft, one rim protector and lob guy. No God. No doubt. I mean, you said the word post. That's what it was all about. In the past. You don't put into I came. He dump into the shack. You don't fit into Karim, you know, and great things happened And I really think if somebody came along like that in the league With a hook shot like Karim's there it was just a bull like like shack or adjusted footwork, Genius like Hakim, He stepped right in. But kids are playing that way any more. Kids are coming out of college like that. So you have a guy like Wiseman. Is the modern day center. He's 7 ft. With the unbelievable wingspan. He does have a nice looking lefty shot, and he's a ton of energy and he's just a just a great athlete. I mean, I think the war is that kind of been blown away by what he could be. I'm sure his health he's not gonna be a bust. I mean he's way too good of an athlete, but he is very young and You know, it's all the sudden you're out there in a game that matters and it's you no longer scrimmaging, You know, I mean, these guys they're trying to try to make you look bad, and they probably will at times, but on the other hand He's gonna have some some lob jams and some block shots and running the floor and the things that he does well, and people gonna go. Whoa. You know, And I love it because I've never thought that the center is is truly managing from the league..

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