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What do you what do you live this is the most important man of the day Tom skilling WGN TV weather did you know this is gonna happen Tom yeah out you know weeks on this late yesterday wrote so we had on our evening shows last night is a little disturbance that that developed out by what came across the area and it ended up producing the POP three inches of snow in some areas down around Lockport here in Chicago we had one point three here one point six the way this is the heaviest April fifteenth you're in about eighty years wow and the what's interesting is a year ago yesterday we had the five point eight inches of snow which was the heaviest late season snow or tied for it that we've had in the area so you know it's not without precedent you get snow we've we've had sticking snow as late as early may but it tends to go way past want to come down but as happened this morning in all the great abit gun area roads I well I would imagine that I doubt wasn't necessarily out salting the last night I mean okay who knows what their capabilities are at this moment but that seems to be this is a perfect storm in a lot of ways because you get just a couple of inches and you get some ice because you're right around the freezing mark and if the roads haven't been treated and look out thanks and you know I bother you even though this well to do I wrote that these little ones which sometimes worse than the big ones I think of books under estimate you know how slick the roads are and you can get real trouble with these things this is the first snow we've had in the over three weeks of it sticks we had about three point two inches about three weeks ago back in March so you know we're not real experience with us and that you know that wrote papers started kinda warm but that this was fairly dry in the lower atmosphere speech precipitating intellect and yet take the temperatures down below freezing pretty expeditiously so this stuff starts this deck here yeah the happy news but there's another one coming up Thursday night Friday morning it you know this is this is just what we need right in the middle of cold that night he gave them the barge bubble apertures in mid April but you're not there this thing is out in the Montana Wyoming area now shifting southward devils drop down toward the panhandle and then run eastward across the Midwest and probably set up a band of snow pretty much like this thing that happened last night starting here later Thursday night running into Friday morning and then exiting but the yeah it'll be clustering of Montalcino projector these are very early yet not carved in stone but they run and then to the six inch range so here we go again what where I can't hold on hold on hold on hold on November fifteenth even though we don't have to pay our taxes but if you do you quarterly estimates Illinois you still have to pay your taxes.

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