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Newsradio running out of time eight thirty three we check on traffic and weather together so far so good fingers crossed at the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three is as a going Lawrence Welk couple of spots we have to watch out for in one of them is the airport tunnels or are the airport tells the Sumner is tough from Boardman street in East Boston the Ted Westmont also a grind to the left hand lane approaching a left hand lane that break down to watch out for this just before the exit of the two of their river roads uneventful on the Charles so far left connector down rap stopping go though and and getting on to star on the lower deck is sluggish assembly square on in north bound for ninety five still feeling the effects of an earlier problem we had still tough from West Main street Hopkinton to the bike the bike is slow for about two miles approaching four ninety five once you get past it you're slowing down there one twenty eight to route sixteen the usual stuff there and then from the new balance billing to be you route to east manner to find that slow Lake Street to L. wife and continues with jam ups on fresh pond parkway in bound to Brattle street in Cambridge Laurie gradually Vesey's traffic on the three window world of Boston is the choice to make to save on energy bills every season beautify your home with award winning windows doors siding and roofing all at guaranteed everyday low prices visit window world of Boston dot com now that's window world of Boston dot com seeing some sunshine here in Boston but that is pretty much the only thing to like about this morning as temperatures are continuing the planet it's twenty six degrees now in Boston.

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