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It Monday congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard the latest presidential candidate making a campaign stop on the view and in Oprah edition of view year deal welcome back with Governor John Hickenlooper. Super I want to do a policy speed around with you so give me very quick answers to these education. What is your plan to deal with the crippling student debt well? I you have to reduce the interest rate <hes> recapitalize as it were <hes> allow kids getting working off because it's a drag on the economy but we should also be looking at sixty five or seventy percent of the kids that never get a four year degree. Make sure they have the skills to succeed. What about the green new dealer you and supportive that you know I am? I'm obsessed with the urgency of climate change but I think we have to have a fierce focus and the new deal will distract got a guarantee for federal job for every person wants one. I think we've got to focus on climate change. <hes> what about closing the racial wealth gap. What are your thoughts on that and we'll reparations be part of that? I think slavery is the nagging persistent shame in this country to to this day day denies the promise of America too many of its citizens and I think we need to acknowledge it and own it. I think to do that. We have to apologize. I think that apology should come from the White House. <hes> there's a bill right now in Congress and looks at reparations I support that bill we should we should look into it and and and and you know really make sure that we understand it and that that apology becomes a foundational which we finally do move past the history of slavery and are you in favor of decriminalizing illegal border crossings yeah. I don't think we can have open borders and if you want to again. Democrats want to give the election to Donald Trump. Let's support open borders. I think we have to have a comprehensive solution of into immigration right now. The time is perfect. We have seven point five million jobs unfilled only six point five million people looking. Let's do it right now. There was a protests in your home state of Colorado at an ice facility and those protesters took down the American flag and then raised Mexican flag in its place. We have photo of it. Do you condemn that behavior you know they they damaged and and tore apart government property they should be charged. I look back and and I understand families that are connected to the military that my mother's first husband was a fighter pilot Mobutu. He fought every mission is one three people survived survived through all their missions. He fought on d day and he died on a freak accident. The day before he's discharged victory in Europe and I heard stories growing up about what it was like not know whether your husband's made through this mission made it through that mission and does an ongoing constant anxiety and when my grandfather told my mother husband died she just kept scrubbing the floor. I understand what the American flag means and it should never be disrespected but I also support the freedom of speech our thanks to John Hickenlooper and just quickly what are in in in as beach bag this summer find out win. The ladies get lit next next week fire up the political view because two presidential hopefuls are making key campaign stopped on the view you how.

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