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He's really starting his tactical prowess he realized he made. He did get it wrong by. Not starting georgina when we played them. It was happy to make a substitution before golf time which is normally like a thing. Do and site. I got it wrong and then we won't win that game so i think he's really signed to to come into his and again i think people forget he's also really young in the manager of the managers role is only manage voice. Third year people talk as if he's been doing it for years and years and years law capable mentioned that ali is is iago. He's been managing for nearly a decade. Now so i mean there's little digging. Their program made by. Yeah i am. Part is really really coming into his. I mean with a tough tough kind of break k. Till christmas now we faced a a decent amount of them have taught hof teams like also spies As well and if he can kind of if he can guys games and also make sure we're beating the no-doubt opponents newcastle ben. I'm expecting a great christmas. We had pat nevin on our podcast earlier at at the start of this whole pandemic and he's got music credential secretive music credentials and it's a fun story there but abby you have outside pat like the most music credentials out of any guess. We've had here on chelsea mike. Wbz radio on siriusxm for very long time. And i would always listen to bbc radio one in here in zane lowe break new music and your breaking new music out there with a younger team that we have now a chelsea once again my boomer self trying to connect to the youth right now are have you connected with any of these players over music and if so what are they listening to and that chelsea locker room you i would love tonight. I don't know if the boys can offer any insight into what's being blasted out in the locker room moment but from following them onsite shows there are some players that have not the music as well. So i'd love to play with them at some point. Tammy biggest music. He's he's been on hold was stones. Am and a lot of really cool rapids. Come in three right now. But yeah i need to. I need to go through their record. Collections ray. Maybe that can be a challenge when things get back to normal. I'm gonna sit down and taught me with them probably can sing as well. Connie top. he's got seen funchal right every annoyingly side yet. How is initiation video for villa swazi as a cop out there he is he has got a voice is good. Isn't it the town. I was really surprised. Amazing amazing. I gotta check it out. Joe fleming's abby mccarthy zag lab. Thank you so much for joining us here on chelsea miked up remember. You don't have to watch live to support what they're doing. We get numbers on this thing. Folks in this chelsea content check out the official facebook the official youtube page go to the fifth sandeep. Watch what these guys do over match. They live they put our tremendous chelsea content. And hopefully it's not the last you've heard of them on chelsea miked up. Thank you guys so much. Thank you this is to call. You're listening to chelsea. Mike special treat here as we close out our show..

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