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He not only gave countless readers to first exposure to non western models of thinking metaphysical concepts and sacred mythologies he also shaped the way subsequent generations of american writers and thinkers approach the vast cultural resources of asia and the middle east. He died on april twenty-seventh eighteen eighty two. And i didn't get into it here because this would pick a whole nother episode but all of these authors that we just talked about knew each other and spend a lot of time together and they all were part of the trump transcendental community and everything that was going on at the time. i just didn't include that in the script. Only because again that would take a whole nother episode to discuss all the happenings. That went along with that but they all were very well acquainted and shared a lot of the same philosophies and stuff so if you haven't ever studied any of their readings or writings you'll find a lot of similarities between them. It's just i. I'm picturing locking on that ridge. Oh yeah i mean. It's you've seen it right you've been there it's phenomenal. I was so thrilled when we got to go and minority side was like was just having a moment that day on our to our next author is harriet. M loath rock. Who published under the name margaret. Sidney harry m stone was born on june twenty second eighteen forty four in new haven connecticut. Although her life spanned more than half of the nineteenth century we know little about her until the eighteen eighties when her five little peppers and how they grew appeared in wide awake at children's magazine and she met and married. It's publisher daniela throw together they. Hawthorne's home. The wayside in concord massachusetts in eighteen eighty three from that time on her boundless energy and sunny disposition was seen in all that she undertook raising her daughter. Margaret who was born at the wayside in eighteen eighty. Four writing for children under the pen. Name margaret sidney founding the national society children of the american revolution in.

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