Congressman, James Flippin W. O., New York discussed on Sean Hannity


Lauder. radio station we got seventy one degrees at four o'clock that afternoon I'm Jeff McKinney the NYPD says this afternoon that the officer who was shot and killed in the Bronx yesterday was killed by friendly fire thirty three year old officer Brian mall keen which shot as he struggled with the suspect in the even walled section several of his fellow officers fired as McCain struggled with the suspect and why PD commissioner James o'neil says McCain was struck twice by police bullet tragic case of friendly fire but make no mistake. we lost a life of a courageous public servant solely due to a violent criminal with the lives of the police and all the people we serve in jeopardy other suspect twenty seven year old Antonio Williams was shot and killed by officers the NYPD says he had a long rap sheet police investigating an explosion at a home in Brooklyn it happened this afternoon near Friel place in east eighth street in Kensington their reports one person was seriously hurt two others injured the FDNY says it appears something exploded on the first floor of the two story house upstate New York Republican congressman Chris Collins resigned today before entering and expected guilty plea in a case involving insider trading Collins a sixty eight year old Republican lawmaker from the buffalo area allegedly broke the law when he found out that on Australian pharmaceutical company he was invested in had failed a key drug trial prosecutors say he immediately called both his son and another co defendant telling them to dump their stock in that company despite the drug trial not yet being public knowledge the trio charged with lying to the FBI to cover up the scheme as well as wire and securities fraud I'm James flippin W. O. R. news president trump today sounding off against a whistleblower prompting the impeachment inquiry and against the chairman of the house intelligence committee Adam Schiff he says both the whistle blower and shift have distorted the phone call he had with the Ukrainian president.

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