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You're a pirate. I understand. So, yes, way work hard, do what we can in the community with the mystic Krewe. It's been around for well over 100 years, so we'll probably see on hopefully on the parade route this year. Yes, let's hope That covered 19 will be subsided enough to bring it on. And Jamie. Thanks for joining us on a m Tampa Bay and get the word out there. Hey, Well, thanks, Tio. W f l A and we appreciate anything and everything. And uhm thanks for the time this morning, you have a great day. Alright, it's 7 47 almost here and let's go to the newsroom and Chris tradesmen. Lightning strikes responsible for sending a jets gear to the hospital. Tampa Fire Rescue says A man was hit by lightning on Labor Day at Davis Islands Yacht Club. The witness says the man was found unresponsive after he was hit while writing the jet Ski Victim's life jacket probably saved his life. Lakeland's mask policy will be up for discussion. Today, the City commission will meet to consider extending a mask mandate that's been in place for two months. It applies to most indoor locations. But there are exemptions, including one for Children under eight years old. If approved, the mandate will continue through October. 5th. The Corona virus is to blame for two more deaths in the Tampa Bay area, the Florida Department of Health announced in 87, year Old Man and Hillsborough County. And a 73 year old man in Pinellas died from the disease. Pinellas has recorded 673 deaths from Cove in 19, while Hillsboro has had 562 statewide 22 more deaths were reported along with over 1800 cases on Chris Tranq Pen. NewsRadio wf play Now is Jack Sports Place for exactly 2 45. From the 95 www d a. N A. M. 6 20 Sports Center. I'm Erin Jacobson. The Tampa Bay Lightning dominated from start to finish yesterday in Game one of the Eastern Conference finals. They beat the Islanders by a final score of 82. They lead the Siri's one game than nothing. The best of seven series picks up again tomorrow. With the Tampa Bay Lightning taking on the Islanders at eight o'clock, the champion raised lost to the Washington Nationals yesterday. 6 to 1 up next for the Rays. They'll finish off their Siri's with the nationals on the road today. First pitch It's 605. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will start their season this Sunday in New Orleans against the Saints. This weekend. They signed quarterback Josh Rosen, former first round 2018 draft pick to their practice squad. The Bucks play this Sunday at 4 25. For more on these stories, Listen to Tampa Bay Sports Radio 95 www d A..

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