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I'm going to try. We'll see what happens. It luck. All right next question. Drew neumann. What is your take on the metoo movement? Me too. Ryan metoo. Subject. I don't even know what me too movement is you don't know. Me too is the movement by women who have been sexually abused by men. Oh, and so once once I hear something about Donald Trump also night come out of the woodworks and go oh meet under. No, no, the metoo movement was created by women. Okay. To basically said as a rallying cry like me too. Like, I have been abused too. So we're in this together. Okay. Okay. So I think the premise of it. I think is as good. Yeah. I think I think that that people who band together who had been unjustly served or delta hand, or whatever it may be by other individuals auto rally together and fight against that thing. I think that's great. I just think that things like this have a tendency to get hijacked by the social Justice warriors. Yeah. And I think that's what's happening is that it's it's not necessarily so much more about me too and sexual abuse. It's about I think extreme feminists have have taken over. Over the movement, and we'll continue to take over movements like this and say that it's not just about sexual harassment or sexual abuse. It's now about men everything else and how women are treated horrible. And there's no rights for women and everything else that just that clearly aren't the case. So it's been it's the metoo movement. Although I believe the premise is good. I also think it's been weaponized. It's been it's been made extreme, and it's been weaponized by third wave feminists who are well they're misguided at best. They're completely ignorant to actually what's going on. And they actually are doing. I think they're doing women greater injustice than they are doing any good, frankly. Yeah. So the premise is good. I think that sure there's plenty of women who have been abused in in sexually sexually abused by men, and it's been dismissed it's been covered up in a lot of cases. It's they've been mom. What? And I think anytime you empower an individual to bring up their story that is legitimate incredible. I gotta make sure I throw that in there because there's a lot that aren't I think that's a good thing. I just think that it's the these things have a tendency of being hijacked by organizations who aren't actually real concerned about the initial premise of a movement like this. Yeah. Yeah. There you go drew. All right, James Tatler. How do you? How do you or have you created family traditions? Do use holidays or birthdays, jazz,.

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