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The white house press briefing addressing the events of this weekend that affected her but actually affecting most of us observing and saying what if we turned into joining us right now to have a conversation about that david harsanyi he is the senior editor at the federalist and his article the real world is starting to resemble twitter and that's a problem thanks david wells said did you point back to social media as being a big part of our civil discourse has deteriorated i wonder if it's just sort of exposed how we have always been but i think we're losing a bit of our inhibitions when it comes to attacking other people and that's that's a problem yeah i agree it's funny in the three o'clock hour that was sort of the conversation is this have have we really taken a turn in our civil discourse or are we just now finally taking down the facade and we're seeing how much we generally don't like each other in this country well i mean i the words civility which was used a lot when the tea party thing was going on i never liked it very much because typically it was meant to undermine debate in a way but but when when when people are throwing you out of restaurant because you disagree with them or joining up a mob to go after people i think that you've maybe crossed a a barrier you don't want to and i think we've seen some democrats stand up and say this isn't right even though in a backhanded way donald donald trump you know we're jerks because donald trump has made us this way yeah but at least at least it's not completely endorsing the idea that we have to shun people we disagree with them that way i love reading an article that basically puts into words something that i'm i'm thinking but haven't found the right words and you sort of put your finger on it here which is if you truly believe if you woke up on the day after election day in two thousand sixteen and you think your country just elected the second coming of hitler if you really believe that those deplorable racists are just like nazis then it's incumbent on you to stand up and get in their face and push back i mean i mean that's to me that's sort of the original sin that that kind of rhetoric was left unabated and an unrepresented frankly when we heard it but we've been hearing that we personally but it's been around since the sixties right in and it's just gotten worse and worse and every republican is fascist or nazi and if you were going to kick someone out of your restaurant because there's their nazi i'm with you i don't want not to my restaurant either but if you really believe that if you do then we have a serious problem in this country because you're not doing enough to stop them you know and and that's when it gets violent and that that's scary and we don't want to go there i don't think most americans want that and i still don't think most americans act in the real world as they do on twitter i've lived in liberal places might tire life and i have good relationships with my neighbors most of the time so my hope is that this is just sort of a temporary moral panic that we're going i'm with you i mean my since the time i was thirteen i've lived in southern california los angeles area new york city in washington dc not the bastions of right wing tolerance right and to be able to forge your way through that to be able to have a career and also have friends in your life you have to figure out a way to have these conversations without you know drawing weapons have we crossed the rubicon here though david harsanyi partly because it's fueled but not just by social media but let's talk about traditional media broadcast television and cable news that amplifies everything time's eleven every day i think that's a big problem i i mean because i'm a conservative or libertarian i think that the problem also is that liberals don't like to hear this at a lot of their lives in sort of moral center of their life is around politics so when you when you elect someone like donald trump tearing down the things you believe in it's like someone going into your you.

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