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The morning and Westminster for five north at Bolsa. That is a full freeway closure. Next reported to 15. I'm tiny compass with more traffic reports were often can extend 70 NewsRadio Still some smoky air and L. A county due to the Bobcat fire warm temperatures today, but some slight cooling begin trend begins over the weekend. We'll see partly cloudy skies Today High should be from the mid upper seventies of the beaches mid eighties to the low nineties inland. Friday night, mostly clear early in the evening. We'll get some low clouds and fog overnight lows should be in the mid 60 Saturday. Some morning low clouds and then sun ae again and a little cooler highs loaded mid seventies with water mid to upper eighties in the inland areas and and on Sunday highs from the upper sixties to the mid seventies of the beaches upper seventies on Lee into the mid eighties in the inland areas. 68 right now in Long Beach, 72 in Sherman Oaks in Santa Monica 64 degrees at 207. There are loud calls for l. A county sheriff Alex Villanueva to step down. He has shown himself to be In almost every way. A rogue sheriff kills Commons come on the heels of calls.

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