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So beautiful sound of one hand. Clapping Booth Mike. Childhood is flashing before my eyes in three days. This is a thrill. Gentlemen thank you so much for coming here. You'RE A my pleasure. Having you do strict for us again. This breakout link Rick is yeah we said been with me for quite some time now and It's been a great run Riggan. Thank you thanks memory shaded. Your replacement will be here on Monday sitting next to me. Aw thank you sir. Thank you raise. This was a real thrill and Dan Gilbert Gottfried McGee book Guttridge Amazing Colossal options. nope that's not it. I'm that's fucking. Oh I got title wrong. Yes I Gilbert guy you have a few minutes get high get feel better about myself. Ah Dry again. We're going to leave it in Guildford Godfrey G I got that right and inches. Gilbert Godfrey Amazing Colossal podcast with my co host Frank Santo Padre and. We've we've been talking to the man Roommates Steve Nick's and Steve Nick's Har they can log INS say. Hello Steve Nick's Lupe Stevie how you doing. Thanks gents right. We'll kick thank you home for the holidays and leave Miss Teaching here Eh. Journal in McLean..

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