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Death announcement red bone wrote for his own passing with his trademark Panama hat black tie and sunglasses. The singer songwriter emerged in the folk era and brought back is Bob bell ragtime, tin pan alley style to TV shows TV movie. Liane red bone was actually sixty nine Nikki Courtney's radio seven forty KTAR H KTAR news time to four China accuses the US of economic terrorism, as spokesperson for China's ministry of foreign affairs said Thursday that the White House has brought huge damage to the economies of other countries and the US itself through its trade policies. He also described his trade policy is typical economic terrorism earlier this month. The Trump administration signed an order, that potentially band, major Chinese companies such as wal way from buying a vital components such as computer chips, from the US many. Those chips are made using rare earth minerals that are exported from China. Lisa Carter, a new study says while ten thousand steps today can support good health. You might get by with much fewer if you're an older woman, you can lower your risk of death by taking his few as forty four hundred steps. That's what researchers at Brigham and women's hospital in Boston concluded after a. Four year study of eighteen thousand women whose average age was seventy two women took forty four hundred steps day, significantly lowered their death risk compared to women who took only twenty seven hundred steps the risk of death continued to decrease as the number of steps increased but seems to level off at around seventy five hundred steps day. That's NBC's. Phil. Hulett sandiego hospital officials say they've delivered the world's smallest surviving baby when she was born in December she weighed in it barely a half pound little girl, now as a healthy, five pounds. Doctors told her parents, she might not survive the first twenty four hours previous record was held by German baby born in two thousand fifteen that way, just seven grams more on Wall Street, the Dow is now down thirty two the NASDAQ is down seven s and p five hundred down to oil at fifty six forty four. Our next update at two thirty. And now the Sean Hannity show, I'm Scott cutter in Houston's news, weather, and traffic station, NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h. KTAR H traffic.

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