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WTO P Dave Preston fill us in on the terfs Well we have some college baseball regional action tonight Hillary Maryland facing Yukon for the third time in three days coach rob Vaughn had to scramble his pitching staff to win two games yesterday This time of year you don't have the luxury of managing game to game and trying to save a starter and do this You got to manage every and you're just trying to find a way to get a zero and score a run Our mantra the entire day was one ending at a time No matter what and it got ugly there for a little bit We had some walks in the middle there but those same guys that walk guys are going to be in there to help us win this thing They'll get underway at 7 in college park Major League Baseball nationals reliever Victor arano tweaked his knee trying to feel the ball yesterday He goes on the 15 day disabled list de strange Gordon returns from the paternity list they're in Miami tomorrow We'll tell you about this week's game to miss as kippy and Buffy make a cameo in this week's dad's notebook on the sports page at WTO P dot com Pro golf adds 6 time major champion Phil Mickelson to the list of those competing in the Saudi tour he's officially on board for this week's inaugural tournament in London NFL Washington commanders start the third and final week of organized team activities They also announced themes for every home game including the game with the Giants in week 15 it's titled inspired change giants on their 5th head coach since 2017 you don't know inspiration whatsoever for change Dave Preston WTO sports All right Dave thanks And top stories we're following for you right now on WTO just days after he was reinstated a senior lecturer at Georgetown the university law school has resigned Elia Shapiro was placed on paid leave for a while after a controversial tweet about President Biden's Supreme Court nominee Since Friday 13 mass shootings have left dozens of people killed or wounded The house is expected to vote on new gun bills this week Meantime a bipartisan group of senators is reportedly meeting this afternoon on a package that would expand background checks and state red flag laws A report on the response to the shooting at Montgomery county's magruder high school back in January finds some areas for improvement among the observations review whether police have school issued fobs to open locked doors and a recommendation to train school staff on making 9-1-1 calls Keep it here on WTO for more on these stories in just minutes Breaking news on double DT op a new indictment for 5 members of the far right Proud Boys including a leader of the group all this for their actions before and during the January 6th attack on the capitol Federal grand jury in D.C. has returned a superseding indictment today charging the 5 with seditious conspiracy along with other charges Now the defendants include Henry and rique tarrio of Miami He's the former national chairman of the Proud Boys suspects remain behind bars after pleading not guilty to charges in earlier indictments They're scheduled for a hearing Thursday on the new charges Coming up in money news The Dow is down 40 points How much are you wasting on subscriptions I'm Jeff label WTO a three 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s and Dave dill dine in the WTO traffic Senate Pretty slow on the beltway but with just volume delays to cope with no major crashes on four 95 in Montgomery county slow off the outer loop to go north on Georgia avenue It was a crash at four Glenn wrote involving a motorcyclist and the right side was blocked northbound on Georgia avenue traffic was slowly getting pie to the left Down toward upper Marlboro en route three O one caller says northbound traffic is slow to a point before croom station road crash involving several vehicles big truck and only one lane far to the right getting by down the shoulder northbound on route three O one Between the nice Middleton bridge and dahlgren the work zone is clear and delays have eased In Virginia on three 95 southbound you're sterlington the crash is clear but south on traffic remains heavy coming down from The Pentagon Just volume delays on 95 66 the work zones are clear near the beltway But westbound near route 7 heading for the beltway it is a debris spill and only one lane to the left getting pie And way out beyond haymarket delays lead toward the remains of road work with only one lane getting by at last report getting by westbound toward the plains D.C. freeways and bridges from the Roosevelt bridge inbound traffic on 66 on the Potomac freeway was not able to access the whitehurst freeway The ramps from the Potomac freeway to the whitehurst freeway in Pennsylvania avenue northwest were blocked by a work zone Pennsylvania avenue southeast eastbound traffic across the susa bridge is slow because of a signal issue at Minnesota avenue Jiffy lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes and tire rotations to filters and wipers to a full range of services but as a jiffy lube D.C. dot com for location near hue Dave dildy WTO traffic.

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