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The clock barton's doubleteam there he throws it over to yokich at the wing yokich guarded by capello shot clock winding down so what he's finally score twonothing denver nuggets practice the scoreboard first year took a wild my left side it's chris paul ball stars stamina dry beat worry on the dribble drills back out to james harden martin guarded by gerry hair's art goes to the right hand stops the 3point line those are the cool to a reset 3pointer no good rebound comes down andy cole yokich yokich jobs it up the rightwing he's got wilson chandler out there with him throws it you'll picked up by tucker good picked by yokich dr british the opposite quarterback martin's three that was still good rebound tap to grab by james harden art and brings it up the left wing year twonothing denver we played two minutes and ten seconds jumper by heartened me off the window that one missed rebound tapped by yokich right to murray denver's got the numbers four on two very dry british barton wide open 3 short rebound down to pj tucker tucker has it in the frontcourt over to were reza kicks it out backed up to chris paul all wants a pick from cappella murray paul goals fight his way through the top part of the pick chris paul fancy ball healing turnaround jumper rockets only score to three minutes and 40 seconds with a high scoring offense here to get on the board yokich left side to gerry harris had fake got rid of harden leans in run baseline no good reason untapped around agrout by paul one for seven or the nuggets one for seven all the rockets paul drew foul bank up is in a foul on to girls yes let will be an andone coming up here for chris paul what's up a chris paul steps up to the free throw line and here we go forty percent from the floor shooting the season has not missed a free throw until now rebound comes down.

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