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Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes and now the four day WBC AccuWeather forecast here. Zaki Weather meteorologist Matt Ben's brought to you by the Steamship Authority pleasant for this afternoon and certainly trending warmer compared to this past weekend mixture of clouds and sunshine high around 75 degrees. Much for shower thunderstorm in spots, especially later tonight. Low 67 Tomorrow hot and humid day it will become breezy high of 91 degrees in the city on inland. Actually, the real field temperatures approaching the century mark by the afternoon, maybe a couple heavy, gusty thunderstorms also crossing the area later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night heading into Wednesday hot and humid thunderstorm in a couple spots I've 91 for Thursday. While still humid, but not nearly as warm couple showers and a thunderstorm with the highest 76 I'm AccuWeather MEDIA all the bad bands WBZ Boston's NewsRadio, Partly sunny right now. 64 degrees in writing and Merrimack, New Hampshire, 67 down an Avon in 65 Partly sunny in Boston. The steamship authorities High speed ferry takes you from high Aniston, Nantucket in one hour Monday through Thursday. It's just $55 for a round trip. Same day travel plan Your escape, but steamship authority dot com The Steamship Authority serving the island. And you, it's 10. 55 officials moved to take down what was left of the collapsed tower and Surfside ahead of a possible hit from Tropical Storm Elsa. The storm now moving toward Cuba, where more than 180,000 people have been evacuated so far because of concerns about possible heavy flooding and high wind speeds as well. Here's more from CBS News meteorologist Geoff Barrow, Delhi, The storm remains poorly organized along the It has winds in the 50 to 60 mile an hour range now because the storm is already interacting with land, it's probably not going to intensify much, at least for now. Elsa has already battered several Caribbean islands, killing at least three people. Rescuers are racing against time coming the scene of a huge mudslide that engulfed homes in a resort area southwest of Tokyo. At least three people there have died in about 80. Others are still missing or unaccounted for more than two days after the muds Slide tore a path of destruction through the town of a Tommy nearly 1000 firefighters, members of the Self Defense Forces and police continue to search for dozens of residents..

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