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Brian stelter joins us. . Now he is the anchor of CNN's reliable sources, , the host of its podcast and the author of a New New York Times bestselling Book Hoax Donald, , Trump Fox News, , and dangerous distortion of truth Brian. . Thanks for being here. . Thank you so much. . So you used to be my colleague here at the New York Times way back I don't know when exactly did you leave The Times? ? <hes> twenty thirteen. . Well. . So the moment I remember was in twenty eleven when this early documentary about the Times came out called page one and there was a line in that documentary in which the leat David car says, , I still can't get over the feeling that Brian stelter was a robot assembled to destroy me. . I, , haven't forgot that line. . Because I wonder if you're secretly three people you host. . A Show on CNN you write a daily newsletter you host a weekly podcast you have two small children, , and somehow you wrote a book on this extremely fast moving subject. . That is Donald Trump. . How did you handle that the two small children is the fun part they keep me <hes> saying you know David used to say I still miss him so much used. . To say, , what do you think the story is that I should tell us to say to sources you know if you were writing the story what would you right and that is what I was doing with folks at Fox News and these themes kept coming up especially last year, , which compelled me to go and try to get a book deal I think it. . was last that I wanted to do this and more that I felt like someone had too i. . hope that doesn't sound too cocky but it's true. . There's some things in life. . You just feel like the gotTa go tell this story and I think the only untold story of the trump era that's left maybe is the story of his boxers addiction so I did. . Carve out time in between my other jobs and and frankly wants the pandemic send us all home. . Put us on lockdown just grateful that my wife was able to help with the kids when I was having to finish the final chapters of this book. . So what is that story the relationship between Donald Trump and Fox News obviously, , it's the full subject of your book. . People who are even casual viewers are news consumers are aware that there's a close relationship there yes. . I think we all are aware that the president gets fed information and misinformation from Fox but I think it's even more extreme and even more dangerous than people realize it happens more often and the connections or even cozier than than folks realize I oftentimes in coverage. . Of the White House reporters leave out what I think is the key piece, , the key ingredient, , which is he got that idea from Fox. . He gained that idea from foxy gained that conspiracy theory from Fox and with this pandemic this year staffers at Fox told me they felt like the coverage was hazardous to our viewers. . The coverage was dangerous. . The coverage was unforgivable. . I really just tried to step away just the Messenger for these anonymous sources mostly anonymous did speak on the record who felt like the coverage is hurting the country. . All right. So . a defender, a , Fox News skeptic cure might say so what trump follows Fox News is leads you know democratic presidents in the past have taken their cues from the editorials editorials of the New York Times. What's . the difference? ? I think. . It's so much more intense. . Now, , Fox's influences constant when trump threatened North Korea, , and said, , he had a bigger button than Kim Jong Un. . It was because of a Fox segment when he grants pardoned, , it's because Fox when he attacks big technology company because of Fox, , when he raged about migrant caravans, it , was because of Fox and it's not that he's getting the best possible information still from the best sources in the world know he's getting it from a bunch of of. . Who oftentimes misinform him think? ? That's one of the differences between this White House and past white houses Braga Obama was he washed ESPN in the evening rather than MSNBC tours w Bush might have watched some Fox but he wasn't consumed by it. . The way that this president is so it's an unprecedented relationship really is

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