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That three is trouble spots. We got something way certainly do, Banya. We've got one downtown. This is a crashed a leverage up branch about halfway up. It's right by that Tobin Bridge turn off. So anyways, it's there. You want to stay in the left lane to get by. Delays are solid back on the Storrow Drive almost back to mass have it's getting there pretty quick, and the lower deck of 93 is just now starting to back up crawling on to the second bridge into the tunnel. There's apparently a lane closed in the tunnel itself. There's an overhead wire or cable or hanging down from the The ceiling of the tunnel, causing a problem. So we're working on clearing this elsewhere to this house 95 South, inching along from 93 down into Norwood a few miles and this was from an earlier crashed down after Neponset Street about the expressway south. Well, it's backed up just outside of the tunnel down through Savin Hill and not so bad after that, nor found a slow coming up through Quincy and East Milton through three South slow down towards Derby Street. Up to the north. Things were pretty good with through 1 93 the upper end of 1 28. They're all after a good start. Thes report sponsored by power crunch protein energy bars, power crunches, the iconic cream filled wafer protein energy bar featuring Hydra Hydra ll ized waist super protein power crunch offers three different lines, Original kids and pro Purchase your favorite power crunch bar at Shaw's supermarkets in star market today. Power crunch protein reimagined to miking with W. P. Z's traffic on the three. Now we get a check of the four day after weather forecast brought to us by Toyota's official website for deals. Buy a Toyota dot com There's Dean. We're going to see hazy sunshine, mixing with and then giving way to more clouds is we get in the afternoon? It's going to be a bit warmer Temperatures upper seventies, too, near 80 and Lynn, Sponsor loaded seventies of the coast Showers.

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