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Indian such a good team to begin wed and they're basically a righthanded hitting team i mean kipniss as the left hander chishan hall is a lefthander and brantley is now on the outside looking in so they pick up bruce which is a terrific pick up for this team of course they have some more awad switchhitters with lynn door and room mirrors and santana but everybody else is basically a righthanded bad and does such a good team just got a little bit better in view look at the overall numbers of jay bruce they are better as we speak right now the michael brantley however brantley very munnetra a fixture in cleveland and you know they want him ah back more sooner than later but in the meantime they pick up jay bruce a terrific pick up for the indians as a alluded to the metropolitan's doing their best to fortify yankee opponents and of course the mets to boston with the addison read the mets with the dude at tampa bay and now with brews going into the andy and so that's the big nose and we're going to go right to the phones uh again with the yankees that they found their offense tonight and the bottom line is when your numbers six seven eight eight and nine hitters get ten heads and drive in nine runs you'd tender forget the four innings and five walks from tanaka so they will end the maybe the big instead of a more to me any way was that the in.

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