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Ever stink bug update go stink. But we didn't do any jingle for the stink bug do in one of these. Listen because I'm going to keep these updates going because I think this is maybe something up about these inc.. I before you start We had Research pest control they come by Quarterly here to To spray and check and make sure because you know we live in Texas and I asked the guy about stink. MOM rated stink bugs. He says no very very few. Would you see in Texas. He says but if you see one and it has an orange rim on its back is immediately back away and call a professional. Those can apparently kill you. What yes the distinct bug that has an orange rim on its shell are apparently called the deadly bug the deadly? He didn't give me any An Orange Sarim bug so we just call it. The trump bug yeah. Apparently I didn't know usually the guy was just putting you on. No Oh no I don't think so you go ahead with your update and I will look it up. It's terrible all right well anyway. This past Sunday this comes in from One of our regular the producers Glen Edward has passed through Saturday morning. I spied unfortunately I don't remember where he's from so this is kind of V should've doesn't put it in here. I spotted him related by he put Marmalade type. That'd be the orange one perched on my bathroom sink faucet possibly arresting after getting a drink I keep the house pretty dry but never lower than thirty three percent humidity details. We don't need this is the first thing Bug I've seen in a few years that managed to get into the house so I assume with this rare appearance and with your last shows report. Their numbers have jumped. This one must have been near the edge of the back porch and he goes on about that. I grabbed him by the legs with tweezers and escorted outside where it came from. It did not like that. I would suggest using an empty pill bottle in the future to trap them inside. I just have to work out as a sliding flap. I don't understand then why. Nobody makes bug removing tools for the state for the home. They're cheap enough to sell the dollar stores. I'm frequently trapped some crawling things off the wall to take outside rather rather than smashing it into the paint job. The Stink Bug presents the unique problems they will stink if you squish them and they take flight when provoked and kind of be like but they're slow. Apparently the air slow enough to capture. When they're just crawling you can't see them against the most woodwork or anything else? That's dark but they show up against anything else they perch on and they could be inside your home for days as before you spot them when they do fly page to their about the law loudest bug. I've ever heard it's it's must be how their wings clipped the air. They don't bite or sting just annoy cats will probably play with down but nothing wants to eat them okay so they again five in updates the orange rimmed stink bug. These actually known as has a kissing bug currently found so far in Tennessee and Georgia. it is not a stink bug looks very similar to it it does have orange Rim and you do not want to touch these or try and catch them because this has chagas disease. He's C. H. A. G. A. S. and can be fatal if left untreated they feed on the blood of mammals including humans than dogs so a form of a tick only looks like a stink bug ticks. Yeah we need more works chickens. If the country was filled with chickens. We wouldn't have any of these problems. Yeah when you go to Slovenia I should say the whole country is filled with chickens. They're all over the place. Unfortunately we have a Lotta raccoons and other critters that would like to eat these chickens but most chickens if you have a roosting places They'll go back into their Russa and you can close it up for the night amidst midst all of the possible regime change Shit ordway ours. Man Bad we have news from Venezuela and Dan I was I got I got this from a podcast. Believe it or not The podcasters name is anemia. Param Appeal Appeal Parham Peel. I believe she may be from Venezuela apparently one guy does Presidency is over. He's been replaced and no one heard about got it in. The report is fantastic ran an opposition leader. Juan guidos term. As president of the country's National Assembly came to an and on Sunday January fifth WTO had hoped to extend his reign beyond the legally mandated year long term limit however after it became clear that he did not having a votes to win. The rookie politician actually attempted to jump the fence surrounding Venezuela's legislature in order to make an appears though the government had and prevented him from entering quite oh could have entered the building to be front. Door has the video of him trying to jump over the fence. Offense is the basic looks like Obama in a blue suit trying to jump over the fence but he could have just gone in the front door but that wouldn't have been the right visual you see. When opposition opposition lawmaker told reporters most were able to enter without incident yet? Guadagno repeatedly attempted to enter the building alongside lawmakers who had been banned from from the National Assembly over their alleged involvement in criminal activity. Lewis who was elected as new president of the National Assembly clams does stage h the incident because he did not have votes to win us-backed Venezuelan officials such as Guido's so called Ambassador to Washington Carlos Vecchio Oh shared video of the day's events cleaning depicted a valiant guido overcoming government repression. US Acting Under Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere. I Miss Your Affairs Michael Kozak weeded. Shortly after the Malay claiming quote one Guido remains Venezuela's interim president under its constitution. This morning's Mornings Phony National Assembly session lacked illegal quorum. There was no vote yet. At least one hundred forty out of Venezuela's one hundred sixty seven. Legislators were present at the meeting. Well above the fifty percent required for illegal forum eighty one of them voted to insult Bata a legislator from the US backed premed who sees the party as President of the National Assembly officially putting why does wall to an end still quite oh held his swearing in ceremony at officers. I see now and opposition owned newspaper in order to keep up appearances considering the. US has cited his control Venezuela's National Assembly ABC Avenue Legal Justification for its recognition of Guido as president of the entire country needs to developments are perhaps most fatal blow dealt to the trump administration's creations to date. Yeah fail and then it's so bad that the guy's got to pretend to look like arm a hero I'm standing up against hence the oppressors. I'm jumping over the fence in. They just voted in different guy and then he said no no no. That's not fair. And he went back to his own Casa and did his own swearing in ceremony. And I'm still the guy. This is sad I mean really comedic did Pompeii oh just abandoned. The Guy I mean did Bolton abandoned the Guy Count it what get in cutty. Probably wasn't Bolton Guy I know but what does this pathetic trying saying this is real the new guy the new guys as an American back. He's also party spook. Yes clearly all right we gotta get this guy in because that old guy I mean I guess the Obama look is not working anymore that we've seen the new guy. Do we know what the new guy looks like. What's his name Rio? She you mentioned the you let me see Venezuela new president et put the at the end for president does even say it's not even it's not even showing up if if which which which. What's your search criteria new president? That would be it. New President Venezuela tried that. Let me see maybe the off to go to the Google news again. See if they've got anything. Listen to the headlines. This is interesting Washington Post Guido opposition. Lawmakers defy security forces burst into Venezuela's National Assembly. We just heard a woman who's there says that didn't happen Los Angeles Times Venezuela Israeli opposition leader. One Guido takes new oath amid chaos. Wow Oh they won't just go with the new guy that's crazy now. This is dual to me. We're witnessing dueling intelligence agencies. Yes and my guess is is the one that's causing the trouble in all the contradictions and I don't know who's pushing who's buttons in these newspapers. But obviously they're hooked up to somebody is that is that Little State Department at Intel agencies. That little mysterious one. This always getting in the way and causing trouble. Yes because I'm reading being here that Elliot Abrams the US representative for Venezuela. Now we know Elliot Abrams. He's Diese he's a real bad actor. Yeah he he welcomed the reelection of Guido Abramson. US official remain undaunted. And we'll continue to put economic pressure on the Madero government armament through additional sanctions and in this whole report and I'm Reading The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times time does not mention of the guy who was sworn in no. We're not even looking at the even the best Venezuelan presidential crisis on Wikipedia which has kept up today has not got him mentioned so this is really a. This is just unbelievable. I mean our news media is just totally corrupt. It's not worth it's not worth it. It's just so wow well. Thank God for Anya Compu- thanks. He's rushing uh-huh okay whatevs Russians Russians are running a game anyway. I thought that was information terribly. Even though Devon Amy hasn't gotten anything good. They're not. They're not they're not trying. They just aren't trying. Well we know the Chinese the Russians and us all want that oilfield.

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