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Good do you feel better all right well you can follow us on twitter i'm at armstrong taryn leader is later twitter you can follow her on instagram leader graham if you wanna do the thurs bax thursdays it is didn't even do that on purpose and make sure you check out our big where the candidate six coverage makes you listen to the taryn show i recently just had a conversation with kirsten mcginnis who is supposed to be on a big kind of six and but they wasn't because they screwed her and us and everyone yeah but it was a very fun conversation i really recommend it makes you check that out coming on tuesday and thanks for listening yeah kirsten's a delight and i love her so you should check out that teheran shell it's true and what's also true is that we'll see next time hello everyone and welcome to the american injure warrior rahat up podcast i'm your host turn armstrong and with me today is leader how're you doing leader i am okay it's my least favorite day of the year not easter but it falls day i'm constantly on edge and makes me not just anyone around me i feel like that's your normal life though that's so road and also not true i just really don't like pranks i don't think they're funny i think they're mean and even when they're not mean those funny so it only this day how are you.

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