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I can understand the people who say look alex who actually trump his genius because what he's down ghiz cut through all this tight cut through the note and just make that decision and i was like those people you'll fucking idiots basically you'll faquir some very badly if he wants to an awful audience gasping yellow it will maybe 50 said of whenever percentage from anyway the new new in birmingham this is the middle east peace podcast i'm your host here in jerusalem molly livingstone on the other side of the pond alex giles always a pleasure happy new year happy happy new year to you moley happy new year drift one listening i think your resolution which was suggested by our editor and producers scott was to eat christmas cake always and especially before a podcast i've arabic's less this morning okay great so you're a little loose in a little bit frisky her home molly moley volley not good is a great way to start the new year in every day of your life come on it elicited listen it's not snowing those the gradients me out here you know i have to tell you as brave as israelis are and you know we face constant threat of war and terror all the time what really gets us down is the rain and god forbid the snow i mean people were hiding inside their homes for not the iranians not at all mainly the writing but the rain like nickel only hamas could use all their forced to get some snow plows are like some snow shooters whatever it is instead of taking us out one blowing up at a time yeah you know he had rockets here i'll explain how this works friday afternoon not sure if it made the news over by you there were rockets being shot from gaza into israel and people at faro up to like cut writing fix laura a guy right you're not those kind of rockets not the fun ones although that of my son does think they are and i just let him think that sure enough ne.

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