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This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. Cried passion than patron tree of college. Football leaves here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Best of podcast. Texas was ready Georgia wasn't and up story. That's the way the headline read and still does in the AJ seat last ballgame and New Year's day did not go well for the dogs Kirby. Smart wondering, what might have been certainly don't think that when you go to a meeting. That's what you're thinking about. You're thinking about Texas when you're able to practice field. You're thinking about Texas. We're prepared for Texas that would be an easy excuse to use. I'm not touching that. Because it has nothing to do. We had an opponent to play a good football team in which our team was focused on ready to play Texas. Outplayed us out competed coached us out physical. They did a lot of things better than us. And I think you give Tom credit hard to find any disagreement with anything that Kirby said that will be one of the big stories of our first show of twenty nine thousand nine hundred it begins now. You'll mix. In my life. I've never had a phone call like that. Anyway, we got a lot to do today. And certainly we're going to talk about. That game. What about LSU battered in shorthanded LSU's defense comes up big and win over UCF? So there'll be no championship parade, which means I don't have to go to the parade. I promised. I would I've been to Orlando once this week. Thank you very much LSU defeated UCF forty two thirty two barely had enough players to finish the game. But they held off the nights and ended that twenty five game winning streak. Meanwhile, I was in Orlando yesterday morning. Getting everyone ready for the Kentucky Penn State game. So Josh Allen. I before the game. He was fired up. Benny snell. Yeah, he was fired up as well as Kentucky holds off James Franklin who made an inexplicable decision late and the Wildcats get the ten wins for the first time since the seventies. Look at that. Benny Snell, forty eight right behind Herschel Walker, and of course. Tim tebow? Manny Diaz was introduced today in Miami. In my missing something. I just thought he was introduced at temple. Manny, would you mind explaining please. I do want apologize especially to the players at temple apologize for not being to be with you and be able to execute the vision that I laid out for our chance for success. However in the short time that I was Aaron just being around the guys and understanding the culture in that locker room in the talent in that locker room. I have every confidence that that team understands that their Bill to win many. You're full of crap you promised a bunch of players that they would play for you at temple. And then you bailed on them after three weeks try doing that if your college football player, I don't think I want to sign here any longer. I'm gonna leave. Yeah. How about that? Mr. NCWA, president Marc Emery. You're listening to about Paul finebaum show podcast Mark in Newton mass. You're on the air. What did you say? Mark. Okay. But I wanted to touch on many DS for a moment. You know, we had a similar situation this before my life you and started with Bill ballot. Check when he was the head coach of the jets for however long that was I don't think he was taking credit for any success. The jets had after that. But don't be surprised if temple is bowl eligible next year. If there's a tweet from any d- as saying temple tub or something, and I laid out the framework for that just just watch out for that. I wanted to touch on Georgia for a second my first phone call with you ever, you know, there's all this hype around Tennessee, and how Tennessee was gonna win the SEC east. And I said, whoa, whoa. Whoa. Hold up Kirby. Smart. He's going to build something special at Georgia. And you know, I really think careers Martin. He's a great coach. And I continue to believe that. But out there today he looked like Stephen yesterday. He looked like Stephen Osceola he had his players were not they didn't wanna play that game. And I understand why you might not wanna play that. But you can't just find yourself that role in the middle and say. You know, we're not good enough to be Bama, but we can't play taxes either. You know, you have to actually go out and play games..

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