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Ever made so for fifteen thousand dollars I'll do a day long remote from your business or your company will come there will handle all the technical needs for offer to if you love to spend an evening with me at dinner and I'm a fine dinner companion nobody general like I do and I'll come treat you all get on a plane and come anywhere you are in America and spend spend some time with you I'll take you out to dinner for your fifteen thousand dollar tax deductible donation we can talk about everything under the sun we'll talk politics and I'm kind of a private guy I'm not sure what you mean you have to understand what a big offer this is I'm not somebody who normally would would put myself out there like that but for this because I will show if you're willing to make a fifteen thousand dollar donation for either the daylong remote for an evening with me coming to you to wherever you live you call last Anderson right now one eight hundred six five five Mike I think last things it's three hundred and seventy five thousand meals that right that's with there's got to so how about that how would you like to fly to send out three hundred and seventy five thousand meals with the one time tax deductible donation of fifteen thousand dollars to the Mike Gallagher show food for the poor campaign let that sink in huh so if you're interested right now we're gonna hold the lines open for you if you like for me to come visit you have dinner with you or if you like for me to broadcast I'm gonna pray that we're gonna get people that are going to come through with this offer lance Anderson knows how to handle this and knows how to process your donation he's the best at it call right now eight hundred six five five Mike call eight hundred six five five six four five three and talk to my wrist while producer slash Anderson who will process the information for you and less match that three hundred seventy five thousand meals you realize if I got three fifteen thousand dollar donations that mean that means we would provide a million meals just today come on let's do it who wants.

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