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Can we talk about the girl that was in the vegetative state that all of the news broke like since we talk. I I saw a picture of the guy. Okay. Yes. Same and. Okay. So let's just stay the he was an LPN. So. He was not an RN. But because that was my first thing I was like looking at him. And I'm like no way he's like an RN because he just doesn't look like he could be that could be judgmental. He just didn't look the part. You know what I mean? I was just like, okay. He's not like when you think of a nurse. You think of somebody that's like clean cut and their life together and stuff like this guy. Just didn't look like he had it altogether. You know what I'm saying? I feel. Yeah. No. He looked like he hadn't bathed in days. So so remember how we were talking about, you know, could she feel like being in pain or anything? So right. We got a message. And it says I live in Arizona, and I just heard your podcast about the topic of the lady in Arizona having a baby a vegetative situation. They had an interview with an OBGYN doctor, and he mentioned that she felt every ounce of pain delivering the baby and pain throughout the pregnancy. So sad how this all went down. But an article came out, they found the guy who impregnated the woman and two of the doctors in charge of the women resigned from the facility, you ladies are awesome. While the podcast can't wait for next week. So. So first of all, thank you. And Secondly that is so disgusting to me that she had to suffer. Through all of that through all of it. And I know that this guy is responsible for impregnating her, but the CEO that resigned, which was the first thing that came out before they announced that they hid linked DNA to this Nathan Sutherland. Why did he voluntarily resign? And that was my first thought because I did see that come out. I and I was like, but why unless he had something to do with it. Why would he resign? I guess because it happened in his facility, but still and less. It was like the company gave him a choice to say he was voluntarily resigning or he could not have the toys, and he would just be made to resign. I don't know. I just feel like there's something to that more than what has been released and what we have access to knowing. But basically for those who have not followed up were no anymore information about this. This Nathan Nathan Sutherland was arrested after the investigators headed tained DNA samples, and there was a link to him like it was like a a act match. And I believe that the judge had sent some type of order that he had to give DNA. So I don't know if he was maybe refusing to give DNA or CEO or the or Mason Nathan. Yeah, he was court ordered to give the DNA sample. So I don't know because originally when we started reading up on this. It was like everybody was voluntarily giving DNA samples and DNA. Yeah. So this guy was actually court ordered to do it. And. Yeah. I just I cannot believe that this is even something that exist. I will say that we thought vegetative state meant being in some form of coma. And I mean, I don't know if I thought it was like a coma. But I definitely thought that like she wasn't. Aware of her surroundings. Right. So the family wanted the media to know and wanted to make it very clear that she was not in a coma. And she had significant intellectual disabilities. Just as a result of seizures in her early childhood, and she does not have ability to speak, but she does have some ability to move limbs her head in her neck and she's able to make facial gestures. And that she likes to be read to enjoy soft music, and she is capable of responding to people with familiar voices. So the difference in being a coma and innovative state. Is that coma is completely unresponsive? And does not react to why sand they cannot feel pain and their eyes remained closed and it's normally for like a definite period of time. So it's like days weeks months. And a vegetative state is still an unconscious state. But basically, they can have unlike they can have involuntary. I'm movement they can grind their teeth..

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